Freya Rose 10 Favourite Regal-Inspired Jewellery

Freya Rose 10 Favourite Regal-Inspired Jewellery

For queens and princesses everywhere, our jewellery has been handcrafted and is perfect for weddings and many other events. It complements and offsets every outfit and inspirited by the opulence of Regality.

1. Blue Topaz Cross Necklace

Part of our Regal 54 collection to celebrate the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, this stunning blue topaz cross pendant is surrounded by freshwater pearls and a stunning 3-micron 22CT gold vermeil setting.
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2. Baroque Pearl Long Drops

So traditional and breath-taking, these gorgeous long pearl earrings are the perfect choice of regal jewellery for brides. They feature hand-strung seed pearls with a baroque pearl tassel and a 22CT gold chain.
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3. Blue Topaz Cross Earrings

Another stunning statement piece from the Queen Elizabeth II jewellery collection. Inspired by Tudor jewellery and these earrings designed to be worn alone or in tandem with the gorgeous blue topaz cross necklace, these are stunning pieces that you will treasure forever.
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4. Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls

Nothing is more royal than stunning pearl jewellery, and our gorgeous pearl earrings bring with them a customisable look that means they can be worn with varying numbers of delicate pearl drops to sculpt the perfect look.
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5. Baroque Pearl 22CT Gold Vermeil Necklace

Sometimes the most regal jewellery is the most simple and timeless of pieces. This necklace is perfection with a single lustrous freshwater pearl that catches the eye and will garner many envious looks. Set on a polished gold-plated 23 cm chain, it is handmade by artisans.
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6. Mother of Pearl Cross 22CT Gold Vermeil Necklace

The monarchy has always been faith-based, and this stunning cross charm made from the finest mother of pearl is a classic example of a regal piece of jewellery. It can be worn alone or stacked with other detachable charms to create the perfect look.
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7. Seed Pearl Necklace with Blue Topaz Cross Pendant

Also taken from the Regal 54 collection, this regal pendant oozes the frivolity and glamour of 1970s New York will at the same time reminding us of Tudor jewellery. It is a stunning piece and features freshwater seed pearls and a blue topaz gemstone.

8. Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Drop Earrings

Floral elegance can be found in these statement mother of pearl earrings that have been handcrafted from the finest mother of pearl. They are set in 22CT gold vermeil and have a natural sparkle that draws the eye, perfect for any event.
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9. Pearly Drop Hoops

They may be boho, but we think that any royal would love to wear these stunning earrings. The setting is 22CT rose gold 3-Micron plated with amazing delicate seed pearls that create a playful hoop and feature two drops giving a unique look.
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10. Moon Pearl Necklace 22CT Gold Vermeil

The moon is one of the most beautiful and commanding facets of this world, and this stunning moon necklace emulates the beauty in an understated and classic piece. A single crescent moon-shaped pearl has been strung on the 22CT gold vermeil chain.
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Let us know which jewellery piece is your favourite in the comments!

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