Freya's Top Picks: Beautiful Statement Pearl Jewellery For Spring/Summer Occassion Styling Inspiration

Freya's Top Picks: Beautiful Statement Pearl Jewellery For Spring/Summer Occassion Styling Inspiration

Our exquisite pearl jewellery are the perfect statement pieces to elevate your everyday styling. Whether you are attending a glamourous garden party or flying off to a picture-perfect holiday destination, we have you covered with our  eye-catching pearl earrings that can be worn for any occasion! Our designer jewellery pieces are contemporary, unique and timeless designs that can be treasured forever!
Our intricately handcrafted jewellery pieces are hand made by talented artisans in Bali. They use indigenous crafts and techniques that have been passed down the generations to bring Freya's unique and opulent designs to life. All of our timeless pearl jewellery are made from genuine materials that are ethically sourced, including mother of pearl, seed pearls, baroque pearls and gemstones.
Freya has chosen her top picks of striking statement pieces for any occasion to make sure that you feel special throughout your celebrations this spring/summer! 

Swoon-Worthy Holiday Destination Pearl Jewellery

Large Baroque Long Drops

'Large Baroque Long drops' are an eye-catching contemporary design long drop style earring that will elevate your holiday attire effortlessly, that are perfect for the pearl lover. Pair these with with a white summery dress to add a feminine statement to elevate your everyday styling.

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Blue Topaz with Baroque Pearl

Our regal inspired designer earrings are the perfect way to add sparkle for your holiday outfits. 'Blue Topaz with Baroque Pearl' earrings are made from genuine baroque pearl and a opulent blue topaz gemstone. 

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Seed and baroque pearl large hoops

Our 'Seed and Baroque Pearl Large Hoops' are breath taking pearl earrings that will effortlessly transition from day to night. They are a modern, lightweight and versatile earrings that are prefect for your floral maxi dress for an elegant day attire whilst your strolling along the sand. Equally, our timeless pearl earrings can be paired with a flattering bodycon dress that will add the wow-factor finishing touch to your evening holiday attire.  

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Myla Ivory/Noir

'Myla Ivory' and 'Myla Noir' are contemporary statement earrings made from 22ct gold vermeil with ivory or black mother of pearl that has been hand carved into these striking designs featuring a delicate seed tassel. Pair these designer earrings with wrap midi dress to elevate your evening holiday outfit. 

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Exquisite Floral Pearl Earrings For Garden Parties

Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Drops

Our beautiful floral inspired mother of pearl earrings will be the perfect finishing touch to floral summer dresses so you can celebrate your garden party in style. They have a dazzling mother of pearl carving that was inspired by the natural rose. The compliments you'll receive wearing these breath-taking designer earrings will be endless.  

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Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Hoops

 Similarly, our hand carved rose hoops have a rose inspired carving details within the mother of pearl that has been made into this hoop design with rose gold plated sterling silver, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with these unique handcrafted designs that have taken many hours to craft by talented artisans in Bali.  

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Rose Baroque Drops

 Our 'Rose Baroque Drops' are inspired by our sovereign’s chronicled heritage, the emblematic English rose and the magnificence of the British crown jewels, there tudor-esque design influences evoke a regal quality. Pair these mesmerising earrings with a bold coloured midi dress for an occasion look that will make you feel like royalty. 

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Statement Pearl Earrings For Wedding Guests

Hakuro Ivory Mother Of Pearl Long Drops

Our bestselling pearl earrings 'Hakuro Ivory' features a unique mother of pearl half moon with cascading seed pearls to create a beautiful long drop design. These one-of-a-kind earrings are guaranteed to elevate your wedding day outfit, you can pair them with a floral maxi dress for an added touch of femineity and elegance.

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Seed and Baroque Pearl Mid Drops

These striking contemporary baroque and seed pearl hoop earrings are a beautiful edition for any wedding guest outfit, there modern design paired with a v-neck floor length dress for a eye-catching finishing touch for your wedding guest styling. They truly are pieces that you can wear again and again as they are so versatile and made with longevity in mind. 

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Baroque Pearl Long Drops

These elegant yet show-stopping earrings will add a touch of feminine flair your styling. They take on the traditional pearl and bring them to the modern day with their unique and eye-catching design, featuring cascading seed pearls that have been intricately handmade into a long drop design. 

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Pearl and Mother of Pearl Pear Drops

Our bohemian inspired pear shaped mother of pearl design are elegant and lightweight made from 22ct gold vermeil. Our feminine and bold earrings will elevate your wedding guest styling, pair them with a beautiful floor- length floral tasselled dress for a modern boho wedding guest attire. 


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You can view our full range of designer jewellery here! 

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