Gold Vermeil: What is it?

Gold Vermeil: What is it?

First used in the 19th century, vermeil is a technique of applying gold to sterling silver. It is similar to gold plating, but the layer of gold used must be thicker and exceed 2.5 µm (microns). All of the vermeil used here at Freya Rose is the best in the market at 3 microns as we want to ensure the best quality and finish for every piece of jewellery in our collections.

Is it Real Gold?

The vermeil technique uses real gold, and many of our pieces are 22-carat gold and work with both gold and rose gold giving them a durable and long-lasting stunning finish. We consider that it is a better technique than gold plating because the base metal has to be sterling silver. The fact that the gold layer is also thicker gives it a longer-lasting finish meaning your statement earrings and necklaces will look perfect for many years, even after a gold-plated piece would start to fail.

Stunning Finish

You can see how unique the finish is on all of our vermeil products, including our large gold vermeil hoop earrings, which are perfect for every day where just as they are or can be given a different look by adding our dainty pearl Freya Rose charms. You can create the perfect day in the office late and then accessorise with charms to switch seamlessly over to evening drinks.

Petite Gold Vermeil Crystal Drops

Petite Gold Vermeil Crystal Drops are intricate and eye-catching, making a statement with every move you make. These stunning earrings add glamour to every outfit but are beautifully lightweight on the ears. Our artisan designers say that they were inspired by the silhouette of an open flower. They catch the light and move beautifully, making them the perfect bridal jewellery choice.

Green Quartz Cross Earrings

Part of our  Regal 54 collection, these amazing 'Green Quartz Cross Earrings' were inspired by the glamour and frivolity of New York in the 1970s. They capture perfectly the opulence and elaborateness of Tudor jewellery, notably as they feature a stunning green quartz gemstone at the centre. The cross is designed and shaped using a combination of four delicate freshwater pearls and beaded vermeil to create this very regal-looking design that makes every outfit ooze class and sophistication.

Seed Pearl Necklace with Blue Topaz Cross Pendant

Within the same Regal 54 collection, the seed pearl necklace with blue topaz cross pendant is gorgeous and strung on a delicate seed pearl chain. Everything is made by hand by our amazing artisan designers. This cross has the same inspiration that combines Tudor influences, the New York scene of the 1970s and the energy of studio 54. This time the central stone is a beautiful topaz gemstone, but we have the same gorgeous surrounding settings of pearl and vermeil. A wonderful statement piece that will complement many outfits from a wedding day to any other social event.
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