Introducing Our New Zodiac Jewellery Collection

Introducing Our New Zodiac Jewellery Collection

On June 21st 2024, Freya Rose is releasing new celestial jewellery called The Zodiac Collection. This collection includes twelve zodiac necklaces and pendants which you can buy together or separately from one another, each necklace is gold plated with real mother of pearl encased behind the design of the zodiac. 
Freya's zodiac collection offers a fresh take on zodiac jewellery using her signature mother of pearl detailing and every piece is intricately hand crafted by artisan jewellers, supporting their ancestral techniques. 

The Signs

“I’ve always been drawn to the stars and had a fascination with astrology. I wanted to create a collection that’s inspired by the belt around the heavens and the studies derived from astrology, but are pieces of art in their own right which appeal to the zodiac lover and others for their personal connections” 

 Freya Rose Archer, Designer and Founder.

The necklaces are priced £150.00.
For those who would like the pendant alone it is priced at £105.00.
Freya wanted this collection to represent the astrological signs in a way that shows not only power but elegance when wearing these pieces. She has perfectly encapsulated ethereal power of zodiacs within jewellery using the unique pearl detailing contrasting against the gold plating.
Shop the new collection on June 21st

Shop zodiac collection here

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