Must-have Investment Pieces for a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe - Freya Rose Pearl Shoes and Jewellery

Must-have Investment Pieces for a Timeless Capsule Wardrobe

Looking for Key Investment Pieces for 2022?

As we have settled into the new year, it is officially time to spruce up that wardrobe and ensure you have all the essential pieces that will last and cater for the year to come. 

Creating a sustainable capsule wardrobe, is all in shopping the right investment pieces that are versatile, whilst suiting your style. So, we have had shortlisted all the items we feel are essential to any wardrobe and the pieces we would pick across the Freya Rose jewellery and shoe collection


Everyday Mini Hoops

We all need a reliable pair of earrings that you can grab and go take on the day ahead. Our new favourite gold hoop earrings are a recent design, the ‘Woven for Women’ Mini Hoops’. Handcrafted using a rare traditional east Indonesian technique, the hoops’ weave style provide a modern taste to a timeless design. 

'Woven for Women' Mini Hoops  

Statement Earrings 

An essential component of your jewellery collection - the perfect pair of statement earrings. Whether its a last minute dinner or you have carefully curated your an outfit, statement earrings like the ‘Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Hoop Earrings’ can go with dressed up or down moments.

Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Hoops

Go-to Clutch 


If you don’t already have a reliable clutch in your wardrobe, you are missing out on a crucial piece! Our range of Mother of Pearl clutches provide you with choice in colour and size, so that you can have a bag and accessory that best suits your style. Every Freya Rose bag is carefully crafted and hand inlaid using a combination of distinctive shells to create an eye-catching work of art.

Athena Grey , AphroditeAthena Ivory

Day-To-Night Boots 

Big names in fashion have shown us that boots transcend a single season, as they were once considered only a winter essential but the ankle boot has taken centre stage for your shoe collection must-haves. Our reliable ankle boot choice would be the 'June' boots. The 'June' includes the signature Mother of Pearl heels featuring a low-block for both day or night styling. Not only are they distinctive in style but these boots provide an element of luxury to even the most understated looks for a statement element.

 June White Boots


The Black Heels 


‘Micola’ are the black suede heels of dreams - We can’t help but rave about how comfortable they are given their blocked heel whilst not compromising on a style front. The heel has a contemporary design featuring a mosaic of mother of pearl to add a modern twist to a timeless chic style. 

Micola Noir 

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