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New In: Blue Topaz Cross Jewellery for Platinum Jubilee Styling

We have very exciting news that we want to share with you...

We are pre-launching two of our most unique and regal jewellery pieces to date!
In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, we are excited to announce the pre-release of two delectable pieces of jewellery from the Regal 54 collection, set to launch later this year. The Freya Rose Regal 54 collection is inspired by the glittering energy of Studio 54, the frivolity of 1970s New York and regal glamour. These sumptuous jewels are the elevated statement of the season, with an air of regal allure for an accessory fit for queenship. 
New arrivals to the Freya Rose demi-fine jewellery collection is the Blue Topaz and Pearl Cross jewellery. Carefully crafted by skilled artisan jewellers using statement Blue Topaz centre gemstone adorned with freshwater pearls and encased in a 3 micron plating of 22ct Gold Vermeil - Launching live this month on Wednesday 23rd March 

Due to the intricate craftsmanship and care, these jewelled pieces are only available whilst stock lasts - so be sure not to delay placing your order! 
In anticipation of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, here are the Freya Rose pieces that have a touch of regal glamour for the perfect Jubilee styling:

New In: Blue Topaz Cross Earrings and Necklace 

Freya Rose jewellery are pieces that you can treasure forever and with fashion that holds meaning and memory, why not commemorate the joyous celebration with these beautiful unique pieces of jewellery! Available online and in-store at the Chelsea showroom within the Maids To Measure shop. 

RRP £175

Blue Topaz Cross Earrings

RRP £195

Pearled Mini Hoops 

Gold Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls 

The infamous Gold Mini Hoops that you can wear from day-to-night for a chic and timeless look that is versatile and effortless stylish. Wear as many or little freshwater pearls of your desire with the handy detachable options for a simple or bold statement. Worn numerous times by the Duchess of Cambridge, you can rest assured these duchess-worthy earrings are a favourite and fit for a royal. 

Shop Gold Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls 

Silver Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls 

These are the perfect alternative to gold jewellery with the elegant pairing of silver and pearl. Entirely hand-made by highly skilled artisan jewellers, the finest genuine sterling silver holds 5 opulent freshwater pearls for a chic earring. All pearls are ethically sourced and made by jewellers that Freya Rose has worked over a decade in Eastern Indonesia. This is a customisable and playful piece of jewellery, that you can create the mini hoops of your desires for every occasion. 


Gold Weave Mini Hoops with Baroque Pearl

These iridescent earrings are the perfect balance of contemporary and feminine in style. Hand-crafted using a traditional ancient East Indonesian technique to create a unique woven hoop, plated in a 3 micron layer of 22ct Gold Vermeil for an opulent hoop that lasts. The perfect baroque pearl jewellery to inject some regal glamour into your wardrobe. 

 Shop Gold Weave Mini Hoops with Baroque Pearl 


Queen Trim Embellishment 


  'Fefe Queen'                  'Martina Queen'           'Martene Queen'
Our 'Queen' shoe styles available for shoes 'Fefe Queen', 'Martene Queen' and 'Martina Queen' transforms traditional bridal shoes into the ultimate wedding shoes with regal opulence for your big day. After all, weddings are ultimate day you feel like royalty, so why not add the finishing touch to your specially curated bridal look with beautiful pearl and crystal additions. Queen trims are handmade with glittering Swarovski crystals sitting on sumptuous ivory silk satin and freshwater pearls. These minimal and chic bejewelled straps will add decadence to any shoes, to see you sparkling throughout the day. 

Let us know what you will be wearing to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

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