Say 'I do' in Something Blue: Incorporating Blue Hues in Your Wedding Shoes and Wedding Jewellery

Say 'I do' in Something Blue: Incorporating Blue Hues in Your Wedding Shoes and Wedding Jewellery

As you plan your wedding day, every detail holds the promise of making it truly unforgettable. From the venue to the décor, every choice reflects your unique style and personality. Among these decisions, the selection of your wedding shoes and jewellery is paramount. Why not infuse your ensemble with a touch of tradition and timeless elegance by incorporating the enchanting hue of blue? Adding a touch of blue to your wedding ensemble can infuse it with charm, tradition, and personal style. Here's our guide on how to incorporate blue hues into your wedding shoes and jewellery on your special day:

Why something blue?

The tradition of incorporating "something blue" into weddings dates back centuries and is rooted in various cultures and superstitions. The famous rhyme "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe" emerged during the Victorian era, encapsulating the various symbols of luck and prosperity that a bride should incorporate into her wedding attire. During this era, the tradition of "something blue" became more widespread. Brides embraced the idea of incorporating blue into their attire as a symbol of luck, love, and fidelity. It was also believed that wearing something blue would bring prosperity and happiness to the marriage.

Blue Wedding Shoes, Celina Blue

Our gorgeous Celina Blue Heels are the epitome of a versatile yet luxury blue wedding shoe, with any theme of wedding this timeless court heel will blend in seamlessly. They are the perfect heels to opt for to either make a statement when paired with a shorter dress or subtly incorporate that ‘something blue’ into your bridal ensemble underneath a floor gown. 
See our favourite imagery of the different ways our beautiful Celina's can be styles to fit short and long wedding dresses, the statement heels to the subtle hues of blue.
Celina is a luxurious pale blue satin, high heel court shoe with an intricate crystal toe embellishment - adding elegance and interest to your heels. They are the perfect blue wedding shoe for a modern bride who wants to incorporate blue hues into their wedding.
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Blue Wedding Jewellery:

Another perfect way to add subtle blue hues into your wedding ensemble is to wear blue jewellery, we have a gorgeous selection of blue wedding jewellery made for all brides who want to keep the ‘something blue’ tradition but want it in a more subtle way that compliments their bridal look. Choose pieces that complement your dress and hairstyle, whether it's a delicate blue pendant necklace or sparkling blue earrings, or perhaps both, with our exquisite blue topaz jewellery.
If you wanted a more unique look, you could incorporate pearl earrings into your wedding jewellery with our blue topaz baroque pearl earrings. The unique blend of blue topaz and baroque pearls adds a subtle yet stunning element to your bridal jewellery. Pairing these earrings with timeless blue wedding shoes further enhances the overall harmony of blue hues in your bridal attire creating a gorgeous synergy of blue hues.
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Matching Accessories, Athena Blue

Elevate your ensemble by harmonising your blue wedding shoes and jewellery with complementary accessories, such as a luxury blue pearl bag. This type of attention to detail not only enhances the overall refinement of your bridal attire but also serves as a further statement to the tradition of wearing "something blue.". From the moment you walk down the aisle to the joyous celebrations that follow, the coordinated elements of your ensemble exude luxury and beauty, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold your beauty on this cherished day.
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The tradition of "something blue" continues to be cherished by brides around the world. By incorporating blue hues into your wedding shoes and jewellery, you can add a meaningful and stylish touch to your bridal look while honouring tradition and expressing your individuality. Regardless of how it's incorporated, "something blue" remains a beloved tradition that adds depth and meaning to the wedding day, symbolizing the enduring values of love, fidelity, and good fortune.


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