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Freya Rose Champions Ethical and Sustainable Shoes

Did you know that Freya Rose supports ethical and sustainable craftsmanship?
In this modern climate, sustainability has become a huge conversation, especially in the fashion industry and we are progressing to make a fairer industry and ethically save our planet. Whilst balancing glamour and supporting ethical values. From climate change to the Rana Plaza situation, consumers are making decisions based on how garments and shoes are produced. For our products, Freya closely communicates with a small family factory in Spain and jewellers in both UK and Indonesia. Drawing upon her own knowledge and background in jewellery, she works alongside with them and meets with them regularly to create new techniques, which supports them to expand their business and continue the handcraftsmanship that has sadly become a dying industry, due to technology in this fast-paced world. Our precious and durable mother of pearl heels are expertly handcrafted and the Nacre is ethically sourced. They are not only beautiful but very durable and hard-wearing keeping them a sustainable item to love for years!
Select from our iconic collection of glamourous and ethical shoes with confidence, to support our planet!
For example, our statement and couture shoes, Glory made in Sterling silver intricately hand-cut and inlaid with various colours of mother of pearl giving a unique depth to this floral motif is the perfect way to celebrate in style whilst supporting ethical values and fairly paid workers. Glory was designed to be ultra-comfortable and with silver sterling block heels. These were specially designed for Freya's wedding and they were comfortable to enough, dance the night away and walk on uneven surfaces. They are a precious style made to order onlyClick here to order the Glory shoes!  
Another great choice for the fashion-conscious woman is our Roxy Blanco boot, adorned with proficiently designed with sterling silver stars, mother of pearl and made with carefully sourced leather.
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All our embellished shoes are also hand-finished in our UK studio, made with love for you.
Lastly we have our Rose in Bloom sky high mother of pearl heels adorned with soft shimmering suede, hand crafted polished brass heels and hand cut mother of pearl. These were Freya's evening shoes on her wedding day and the Rose in Bloom brought out elegance and a modern feminine twist to her classic wedding dress.
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Authored by Urmi Choudhury.

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