Sunday Styling Round-Up - #Youshoose - Freya Rose

Sunday Styling Round-Up - #Youshoose

On our instagram stories we ask our followers to vote for their favourite shoes to pair with some of our favourite bridal dresses.
This Sunday, we asked our audience to pair shoes with our favourite high-fashion wedding dresses.
Read our round-up to see which shoes won.
We thought this jaw-dropping feather detail floor length bridal gown would pair perfectly with one of our signature Freya Rose block heel bridal shoes.
We gave our followers the option to pair this Stéphane Rolland white bridal gown with either our white 'Zara' slingback block heel bridal shoes, or our ivory shimmer 'GiGi' platform block heel bridal shoes.
Our 'GiGi' ivory block heeled wedding shoes won this time, with a 55% vote.
Black or White Bridal Shoes
We loved this Givenchy white bridal dress with couture black detailing, as seen on the runway.
Our followers were given the option of our contemporary 'June' white low heel bridal boots, or our statement black closed toe suede 'Micola Noir' shoes with pearl heel detailing.
A close call, our black bridal pearl heel 'Micola Noir' shoes won this round, with a 58% vote.
Block Heel Bridal Shoes, or Stiletto White Bridal Heels?
This head-turning dress by Schiaparelli was a wearable work of art down the runway.
We thought it would work well with a pared-back shoe like our classic white 'Charlie Rosette' court shoes, or our statement bridal white sandal 'Soraya Ivory' shoes, with gold heel detailing.
Clearly, our audience thought the gold heeled white sandal wedding shoes 'Soraya Ivory' were the best choice for this look.
White or Silver Wedding Heels
An exciting alternative to a dress, we loved Giorgio Armani Privé's runway trouser and top bridal look. 
We chose the options of either a floral white court shoe 'Charlie Rosette,' to match the floral detail of the headband, or a silver strappy bridal heel to match the metallic moments of the look.
Our sumptuous silver high heeled wedding shoe 'Helena,' was the winner of this round, with a 69% majority.
Platform White Bridal Heels
This Givenchy bridal look was a dream on the runway.
We thought we'd pair it with a platform bridal shoe for extra height in this statement dress.
Our followers had to choose between a more subtle white platform shoe with pearl detailing - 'Fefe Duchess,' or our shimmer suede 'CiCi' ivory platform bridal shoe with pearl heel.
A very close call, our 'Fefe Duchess' white satin wedding platform shoe was the winner of this round.
Join us next week to join in and have your styling input.

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