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The Importance of Ethical Jewellery

What is ethical jewellery? and why is it important to invest in ethical jewellery?

Constantly soughting after the newest and latest trends, has created a supply and demand in the fashion industry with negative consequences, namely 'fast fashion'. Whilst it is may be easy and normalised to impulse buy cheaper alternatives on the high street, these actions can directly impact the environment and people's lives on a global scale, with moral and physical boundaries being abused. 

If you are wanting to invest in ethical jewellery it's important to understand what defines jewellery as ethical. At Freya Rose, ethics are considered during every step of the manufacturing process and we are always seeking new ways we can ensure our jewellery does not have a negative impact on the environment or the people producing it. Working with families, instead of factories for the past 12 years, has meant that our skilled jewellers are truly part of the Freya Rose family and valued by Freya herself - without these members of our team Freya Rose creations cannot come to life! 

All the finest materials used to produce our exquisite jewellery creations are ethically sourced to ensure any damage to natural settings are minimal, something that larger mass producers tend to overlook in the manufacturing process. Whilst we are always aiming to preserve ancient crafting techniques, it is just as important to preserve the environment we are sourcing them from too. Ethical manufacturing and practice not only displays a conscious effort of working towards a cleaner environmental but it also shows consideration for those that are creating these beautiful products, by you the consumer. Without the passion of these skilled artisan jewellers that Freya has built a strong relationship with and truly considers them part of our family, the brand would not be what it is today - a business that cares beyond personal gain. The entirety of the demi-fine jewellery is made from semi/precious materials that have been ethically sourced and produced with long-lasting wearability and quality in mind - you will notice that all gold, silver or rose-gold components are 22ct gold vermeil with a 3-micron layer plating to ensure a durable piece which can last for over 5 decades when cared for properly. An investment in ethical jewellery, is an investment for the greater good without needing to sacrifice on style. We urge our customers to make the conscious effort to be more ethical with the things you buy and we make it that much easier by creating ethical jewellery which is good for your conscience and your fashionable ways. 

Read on to find out about our intricately crafted collection of jewellery featuring stand-out mother of pearl earrings that are both ethically sourced and produced, that Freya Rose customers love. 


Contemporary Everyday Hoop - Woven Mini Hoops 

One of our latest launches and most ethically conscious product to date, find our 'Woven for Women Mini Hoops' - In collaboration with The Prince’s Trust, Freya's reimagined our best-selling Mini Hoops design in aid of the #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE campaign for International Women’s Day. With every purchase of our new ‘Woven Mini Hoops’ on International Women’s Day, Freya Rose London will donate £10.00 to The Prince’s Trust #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE initiative and £5.00 thereafter. Using an ancient east-indonesian technique these mini hoops allow the preservation of this wired weave to flourish and be worn by modern women - an appreciation for the craft to continue. 

Elegant Evening Jewellery - Pearl Drop Earrings

Shop 'Tahitian Pearl Drops' Here

The Tahitian Black Pearl Drops make for the perfect occasion-wear earring. Their effortless elegance is easy to see as this natural Black Tahitian Pearl hangs from a hand-made pear shaped cubic zirconia encased in sterling silver. These are a classic evening wear jewellery style that we have never seen go out of style - it is a classic after all.


Best Bridal Earrings -  Baroque Pearl Drops

Shop 'Baroque Pearl Long Drops' Here

Our Baroque Pearl Earrings are a fashion-forward bride favourite and we can see why - these hand-beaded tassel earrings feature hand strung seed pearls and baroque pearls, creating an opulent and organic shape which provides beautiful movement as you sway the night away with your other half. The lustrous pearls hang on a 22ct gold vermeil 3-micron plated chain for that extra touch of shine and chic style.  


As a small business, in the world of fashion, we have ambitious goals for the future of sustainability and ethics at Freya Rose. There are always ways in which we must improve, invest and dedicate time to continuing research and developments to continue making these beautiful creations in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Part of our commitment to customers are complete honesty and transparency on this matter. We also promise to continue the journey to slower ethical fashion which has little impact on the environment around us and continues to value the craftsmanship behind it, with your continued support we know this is more than possible


Let us know the changes you would like to see in the industry surrounding ethics/sustainability below x 

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