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Crafting our Unique Mother of Pearl Heels

We're sharing some images of how our Freya Rose shoes are carefully and artfully made.  Our jewelled heels are handmade and is complex and unique manufacturing process. They are a marriage of shoes and jewellery and completely unique to the shoe world. It also means means we can only make a limited supply and no two pairs will ever be the same.
These pictures from our team are a behind the scenes look at the making of our amazing 'Zara White' ivory bridal shoes and Jasmine white ankle boots.
Every part of the ethically sourced shell is carefully cleaned, cut and polished before being hand inlaid by experienced artisans to create unique statement designs.
First, pieces of precious Mother of Pearl are carefully cut before being applied to the heel.
Our Balinese jewellers then apply the pearl one by one, in a careful and slow process. The finest quality materials are used to create our gorgeous jewelled bridal heels, and to ensure they will stand the test of time, as well as dance floors.
This 'Zara White' slingback heeled shoe also  features lines of polished brass that accentuate the opulent pearl pieces.
The heel is polished for a smooth, even finish and a supremely shiny end result that will reflect light.
The heels for these luxury bridal ivory boots are then finally cleaned and polished. It is then sent to Spain to join their other halves - the fabulous ivory leather slingback wedding shoe.

Freya Rose’s signature jewelled heels and jewellery are responsibly sourced in Bali, where she has also worked with the same family for 10 years. 

The  creation process showcases an unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship passed down and honed through generations.  The expertise, passion and knowledge of these artists are incomparable.

Freya Rose believes that preserving and supporting these ancestral craft techniques is essential in a fast, modern world where globalisation degrades these ancient practices and often exploits those involved in the process.

Here you can see the final result - the stunning 'Zara White'  white bridal shoes and Jasmine white ankle boots. 
Truly something special, these shoes are wearable works of art, only made possible through detailed and expert work, and the skill of artisans.

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