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Trending: Blue wedding Shoes

In the western world, ivory and white wedding shoes have been the go-to colour since Queen Victoria wore an all-white bridal outfit to her wedding to Prince Albert. However, blue bridal shoes have been increasingly popular. A stylish answer to the tricky problem of “something blue,” blue-hued bridal shoes are a great option for a fashion-forward bride.
True Blue
Why are blue shoes so popular with brides? The saying "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe." has been a traditional rhyme for bridal style since the 1800s.
It has been a main aspect of English weddings for centuries, and most brides will follow the advice from this old rhyme to this day. Each item is meant to give luck to new couples, and ward off the evil eye from the bride.
Ward off evil eyes but keep chic ones on you with our 'Lottie' blue wedding shoes.  Made in blue satin, these luxurious blue wedding shoes feature hand embellished sparkling clear crystal, fit for a queen.
I Couldn't Help Blue Wonder
Patron saint of fashionable women, the fictional ‘Carrie Bradshaw,’ wore blue shoes to her wedding in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie. Copied by real-world brides and also famously by ultimate cool-girl Olivia Palermo for her wedding look, this iconic shoe has brought blue wedding shoes into the mainstream since its starring role in the film ten years ago. If you're looking for a blue bridal shoe with sparkle like Carrie, we love our 'Celina Blue' blue wedding shoes. They feature Swarovski Crystal embellishments and are perfect blue bridal shoes to pay homage to this iconic moment, while adding your own spin on it.
Bespoke Shoe in Blue wedding shoe in Shimmer Suede - £545
Fairytale Blue
Blue shoes also have a winning Cinderella effect. Many brides dream of a princess-like wedding. Since the technology for (safe) glass shoes, sadly hasn’t been invented yet, blue is the next best option to pay homage to this iconic fairytale shoe. Until Freya Rose can invent a comfortable glass shoe (or our fairytale godmother shows up,) we love our ‘Charlie’ blue bridal shoes for a princess perfect blue wedding shoe. These elegant blue bridal shoes are a subtle way to add some lucky blue to your look.
Blue in One
Blue wedding shoes are also a perfect choice for brides who want to re-wear their shoes. Blue tinted wedding shoes offer a not-so-basic designer wedding shoe option for your wedding day, and special occasions beyond. Our ‘Charlie’ blue bridal shoes would be perfect for a bridal look, and stylish summer event.
Lucky Colours
However, blue isn’t so popular in the rest of the world. The Chinese community includes a lot of red in wedding events and bridal fashion, as red is a lucky colour in Chinese tradition. For brides looking to imbue luck in the form of a bold and eye-catching red, we suggest dying our ‘Celina Ivory’ white wedding shoes. These bridal shoes are made of luxurious silk satin and would be simply stunning in a bright red colour. 
Vibrant Colours
Indian weddings feature vibrant colour. Expect to find colours like red, gold, maroon, orange and pink and lots of stunning embellishments. Our ‘Lottie Ivory satin bridal shoes are adorned with sparkling crystals. We think these dyeable bridal shoes in an orange or pink colour would be perfect for a head-turning Indian inspired wedding look. 
Wherever you are around the world, we love the idea of daring to try something slightly different for your wedding look. Whatever your traditions are, sometimes traditions need turning on their head now and again. For your wedding, why not try a blue bridal shoe and really stand out from the crowd?

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