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What Is Mother Of Pearl?

Our signature mother of pearl pieces are beautifully handcrafted into designer wedding shoes, unique bridal jewellery and luxury Bridal clutch bagsThe mesmerising and unique qualities that mother of pearl offers means that no two pairs will ever be the same.
Freya is passionate about creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind mother of pearl shoes and accessories that you can treasure forever. 
But, what is mother of pearl?
If you are intrigued to find out more about what mother of pearl is, then look no further!

What is Mother of Pearl?

As a resource, mother of pearl is an organic material that is available in abundance and is often disposed of as a by-product of the Mollusk industry.
Mother of pearl is the only gemstone created by living creatures, this makes it the most organic and natural pearl available, that can be turned into beautiful handcrafted products that are timeless and unique.  
Mother of Pearl comes in many forms of beautiful colours and size variations which is why they are the perfect statement pieces for your special day, that can be transitioned effortlessly to everyday wear, so you can style them again and again.  

What is Mother of Pearl made from?

Mother of Pearl is the iridescent natural nacre inside lining of a Mollusk shell. Nacre is secreted by oysters and various pearl Mollusks; it is a defence mechanism that they produce to protect them against foreign irritants. The various elements in the water, that the shell is exposed to, alters the unique colouring of the Mother of Pearl. 

What happens to the Mother of Pearl?

Our beautiful Mother of Pearl is hand-cut and inlaid into exquisite mother of pearl heels - to be made into our designer jewelled shoes, statement pearl earrings, necklaces and jewelled clutch bags by our talented artisans in Bali. 

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind statement Mother of Pearl piece to elevate your wardrobe, or enhance your beautiful bridal look then we have you covered!

Are you looking for an eye-catching statement? View our exquisite Mother of Pearl Earrings ‘Hakuro Ivory’ and  ‘Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Drop


Add glamour to any outfit with our Mother of Pearl clutch bags ‘Athena’ and ‘Aphrodite


Want timeless shoes that you can treasure forever? See our gorgeous Mother of Pearl shoes and boots for every occasion ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Gigi




Let us know which mother of pearl pieces are your favourite!

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