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Why Are Designer Shoes So Popular? Reasons to Invest in Unique Luxury Shoes

Why are designer shoes popular?

Wondering why designer shoes are so popular? If you’re new to luxury shoes, you might not know all the reasons shoes are worth investing in yet, so we’ve rounded up all the reasons why designer shoes are so popular for you.
No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a pair of designer shoes. Read on to see why.

Investing in Luxury Shoes

Shoes are must-have additions to looks. They can elevate an otherwise dull outfit and they are often masterpieces in creativity and craftsmanship.
Designer shoes can also be investment pieces - coveted shoes can be resold for even more than they were bought for. It isn’t just designer heels that can be sought after - secondhand trainers and sneaker trends can be resold for quadruple their original value.
If you’re interested in luxury shoes to resell, look for unique and limited edition shoes, as they have a higher chance of their price increasing over time. 
Freya Rose’s Couture Collection features unique, conversation-starting pieces. The signature pearl heel detailing has become a can't-miss feature on many of the brand's shoes, and their opulent materials means you can treasure them forever.

Building a Timeless Wardrobe

In order to build a wardrobe of luxury shoes that are seasonless, it’s important to invest in timeless silhouettes that will never go out of style. ‘Rose en Fleur’ epitomizes Freya Rose London’s focus on classic silhouettes.
Take for example, the taupe platform shoe, ‘Rose in Bloom Gold.’ Crafted in a butter-soft universal taupe hue, this occasion shoe is suitable for every occasion - the perfect high heeled shoe to go with all your winter, spring, and summer outfits. Designer shoes can be more popular, because they include more thought and detail than mass produced shoes, which means they won’t go out of trend quickly, and therefore are much more beneficial to invest in.

Comfort and Style 

Our block heel mother of pearl heels have been some of our most beloved and iconic shoes since they were unveiled. Bridging the gap between shoes and jewellery, the utility of the block heel is balanced with the lightness and luxuriousness of the precious pearl used in the jewelled shoe.
Designer block heels with a point of difference are more sought after than other shoes, as they can be both more comfortable and statement making than other types of shoes.
Our mother of pearl detailing simply sets this style apart, plus the luxurious ultra-soft leather the shoe is crafted of, only adds extra comfort that would be hard to find on standard shoes.

Luxurious Details

An old-time classic, high heeled court shoes haven’t lost their charm—and probably never will. Those looking for timeless bridal shoes will no doubt consider a pair of court shoes at one point. If you are looking for court shoes, a pair of designer ones can make all of the difference.
Embellished detailing can help capture the essence of someone’s personality, and add an extra layer of texture to your shoes. Swarovski crystal or pearl embellishments are worth paying the extra for, and are usually only found on more luxurious shoes.
Accented crystal designer shoes add a playful accent to any ensemble, best matched with a raised hem so you can properly show them off. 

Standout Style

Designer heels can help you make more of a fashion statement. As we enter into party season, trendsetters will want to make the most of being back in sartorial settings. If you find yourself in a high-end soiree from now to new years, you'll probably want a pair of shoes to suit the mood. 
Pair the celebratory champagne leather shoes with a drink of the same name. Exhibiting rare handcrafted detail, and fastened together by a family of artisans in Spain, the glimmering pearl and brass heel never fails to make itself the center of attention, and will help you do the same. 


Designer shoes can be worn more often than designer clothes. Pick a shoe that is both opulent and casual to brighten up all of your outfits. We suggest our ‘Mineko’ block heel ankle boot.
Striking the perfect balance between elegance and everyday, this designer shoe is crafted in black suede and decorated with our signature pearl heel in a floral motif. Elevate your evening look with this refined pair that is absolutely seasonless.

Shoes to Treasure Forever 

When choosing a gift for a loved one (or even yourself,) a more luxurious present is always appreciated. When it comes to the festive season, designer shoes are usually more popular on wish lists than other heels.
If you’re looking to treat someone special this holiday season, our latest limited edition couture collection of jewelled heels comprises truly special pieces. Shop the collection here.

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