Why Are Freya Rose Pearl Heels Wearable Works of Art?

Why Are Freya Rose Pearl Heels Wearable Works of Art?

At Freya Rose our pearl heels stand out for their beauty and originality. Pearls are forever circulating in fashion because their charm and allure is undoubtedly timeless. Notably, we've seen a rise in resin or acrylic alternatives as the Mother of Pearl trend gains in popularity, but here at Freya Rose we stand against the fast fashion tide, proudly offering handcrafted, slow-fashion accessories like no other - jewelled pearl heels to treasure forever. 

Freya's Vision

After graduating London College of Fashion in footwear design Freya knew she wanted to find a way to embody her love for the jewellery and footwear industry into one work of art. After this she then began her travels to find artisans that could bring to life her innovative vision of incorporating her passions for jewellery and footwear design. Freya worked closely beside talented craftsmen and women to develop a new technique that offers women unique, opulent occasion shoes for the most treasured moments in their life. 
Our artisans handcraft our iconic pearl heels such as Glory through utilising precious materials such as pearl, brass, and sterling silver which are all intricately carved, cut and finished to create the varying exquisite motifs featured on our pearl heels. The ancestral skills used by our artisan jewellers to craft our signature Freya Rose pearl heels requires years of experience, acute attention to detail, and high-quality materials. Every component is meticulously and individually crafted by hand to from a beautiful wearable work of art. 
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Freya has maintained a longstanding partnership with the same family of artisans since she began her journey in 2010, ensuring continuity and a commitment to quality craftsmanship. Each pair of our pearl heels wouldn't be created if not for the artisans involved in the process contributing their expertise with carefully cutting out brass detailing, carving the mother of pearl, and creating the unique designs by Freya with other precious materials to create a wearable work of art that embodies both elegance and innovation.  
Every unique and elegant design brought to life are admired by our community, often regarded as wearable works, something we take upmost pride in at Freya Rose.
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