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World Earth Day - Our Ethics And Philosophy

 Ethically produced designs are integral to the Freya Rose philosophy and each unique design takes luxury to a new level. The provenance and traceability of the materials used in Freya Rose designs and the people she works with are fundamental to her business philosophy. 
At Freya Rose, we can trace our natural materials back to their sources, and personally name the skilled people in our Freya Rose family. 
Freya Rose’s signature jewelled heels and jewellery are responsibly sourced in Bali, where she has also worked with the same family for 10 years, now employing 10 jewellers. In Bali, the  family-run business works closely with us to create our high quality and unique heels.
Freya Rose believes that preserving and supporting these ancestral craft techniques, and ethical labour, is essential in a fast, modern world where globalisation degrades these ancient practices and often exploits those involved in the process.
Freya Rose also focuses on slow fashion, with a limited amount of shoes made each year. The brands capsule collection of shoes features highly intricate heels released once a year. Heels in the capsule collection can be only one of twenty pairs ever made of a particular style, making them even more special, and even more ethical.
In Spain, our talented Freya Rose team assemble our iconic heels with leather and suede shoes. With decades of experience, our Spanish team work with Freya to create the current collection designs, as well as bespoke one-of-a-kind shoes to suit one-of-a-kind brides.
Freya Rose's shoes are made with natural and fine materials, such as the highest quality silks, leathers, and natural mother of pearl. A rare and beautiful natural resource used for generations, its lustrous quality has been a desirable element in jewellery making for thousands of years.
Our signature pearl heels also sometimes include metal details, using metals such as brass and sterling silver.
Unlike mass produced fast fashion shoes, which are frequently made of plastics and less luxurious components, Freya Rose shoes are made to be treasured forever, being made of materials able to return to the Earth after their lifecycle as wearable works of art is over.

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