You won't see my wedding shoes under my dress, why should you invest in designer wedding shoes?

You won't see my wedding shoes under my dress, why should you invest in designer wedding shoes?

Your wedding day is the day every bride dreams of going perfectly, especially when it comes to the bridal ensemble and your choice of shoes could affect the whole look. Even hidden by satin or tulle, wedding shoes can change your whole experience on your special day. So let us tell you why we think you should invest in a pair of our designer wedding shoes.
Investing in quality 
Investing in designer wedding shoes is also investing in unique craftsmanship and premium materials, these make our Freya Rose heels a one of a kind art. Our artisan jewellers hand craft each pearl heel ensuring every heel is a high quality, wearable work of art.   
Timeless treasures to keep forever
Some bridal accessories may be worn only once but, designer wedding shoes can become a cherished part of any future occasion wear. Each event you wear them to you will be taken back to your celebration of love and commitment, leaving you feeling full of confidence within every step taken.

Meet our iconic versatile pearl heel Bianca.

The 'unseen' elegance
Even if they are hidden under the fabrics of a dress our designer womens shoes can captivate those even with a glimpse. Whether the wind is blowing or you are spinning out on the dance floor, the iridescent pearls reflect any lighting creating an enchanting heel you couldn't look away from. They provide your photographer with stunning details to incorporate a layer of sophistication and beauty to your wedding photos
Meet Zahra Verde, one of our most captivating pearl heel designs.

Comfort in designer wedding heels

The comfort in knowing you are wearing high-quality, well-crafted footwear adds not only a touch of luxury to your entire bridal ensemble but it increases your confidence. Every step taken, on the isle or on the dance floor, you know that you wont be to sacrificing comfort with our platform wedding shoes
Shop our iconic platform heel Gigi
Investing in not just a fashion statement
When investing in Freya Rose Heels you aren't just investing in a high quality designer wedding heel, every step taken in a pair of Freya Rose Heels is a statement showing you are helping support ethically created heels and the movement of slow fashion. Our designer wedding heels can take up to 4 months to create from the start to finish and each heel is unique and hand crafted by our artisan jewellers.
On such an important day of your life we know that every detail matters, even if you don't always see them. Designer wedding shoes ensure comfort, quality and that you are stepping into your future alluding confidence and style. The investment in designer wedding shoes is a decision that extends far beyond the wedding day itself. From superior comfort and craftsmanship to the ability to express your unique style, designer shoes are a worthwhile investment that pays off in lasting memories and cherished moments. So, why not invest in a pair of our Freya Rose Pearl Heels for your special day?

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