The Craftsmanship


Freya Rose is renowned for her finest levels of craftsmanship and intricate detailing. Her designs are created in London and then handmade in Spain in a bespoke workshop by craftsmen who have learnt their diligent skill over generations.

With a meticulous approach to perfecting lines and fit whilst exploring new techniques and discovering the finest materials, Freya spends significant time with her craftsmen and travelling the world to perfect her designs.

Using only the finest Italian silks and softest leathers to give her designs the luxurious quality they are acclaimed for, Freya Rose incorporates ergonomically perfected memory foam insole padding and leather soles for extra comfort. This focus on craftsmanship comes from her resolute belief that luxurious style should always be coupled with maximised comfort.

Our In House Hand Embroidery


Freya Rose is renowned for her inspirational designs and exemplary, intricate hand embroidery which is applied by her diligent craftsmen from her London studio.
Her inherent use of bejewelled and embroidered designs relates to her childhood. Born into a family of fine jewellers she was constantly surrounded by and exposed to creative artistic references and inspiration.

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Our Signature Mother of Pearl Heel


Freya Rose’s historical knowledge and long-term passion for fine jewellery led to a Mother of Pearl heel becoming the signature of Freya Rose’s exquisite designs. A rare and beautiful natural resource used for generations, its lustrous quality has been a desirable element in jewellery making for thousands of years.

Each piece of Mother of Pearl is individually and carefully hand cut, before being applied to the heel with resin. As a material it is exceptionally durable, and used on the heel of the shoe means they will remain clean and unlikely to damage easily. Should you wish to dye your shoes after your wedding, the heel remains intact and looks fabulous contrasted with a darker colour.

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Shoe Clips


Part of the exclusive Freya Rose experience is the exquisite detailing on each pair of shoes, which can be selected by you. Add a personal addition to your sumptuous shoes by choosing a beautifully crafted, detachable shoe clip for elevated glamour.

Made from the most luxurious materials and components, each shoe clip is the perfect way to add your own style to the classic Freya Rose bridal collection.

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