Freya Wins Lifetime Achievement Award at Weddings and Honeymoons Awards 2024

Freya Wins Lifetime Achievement Award at Weddings and Honeymoons Awards 2024

On the 29th of February The first UK Wedding and Honeymoon Awards Gala took place at the beautiful Orangery set in Kew Gardens and we were delighted to attended the event as Freya was a nominee for an award due to her bridal shoes and wedding jewellery within the industry. During this event, many different awards were given to different talents in the wedding industry and it even offered one engaged couple a chance to win a life-changing prize of £50000 for their dream wedding, which we at Freya Rose donated £1000 to the prize.

The goregous couple were so happy to hear they had one their dream wedding, it was truly a endearing moment to witness.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Freya Rose was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement award at this gala and the Freya Rose team was so proud to accept this award on behalf of her when we found out she won on this gorgeous night. The same evening Freya herself attended The Princes Trust's annual charity gala as a proud ambassador which is why she was unfortunately unable to attend, but she was thrilled to have won such an honourable award for her work within the wedding industry for her wedding shoes and wedding jewellery.
 Accepting the award on behalf of Freya was a proud moment for the team.

 All about Freya's Lifetime Achievements


Freya Rose's journey into the realm of British luxury fashion began in the heart of creativity, nurtured by a family deeply rooted in design. Growing up above her mother's jewellery  workshop, Freya was enveloped in a world of artistry and craftsmanship from a young age.

Freya's path led her to the London College of Fashion, where she discovered her love for shoes and accessory design. It was here that her passion for footwear developed into the Freya Rose brand, where each pearl heel is handcrafted delicately by artisan jewellers. 

However, Freya's entrepreneurial spirit truly shone amidst adversity, as she navigated the challenges brought on by the global pandemic. With weddings and events cancelled, and consumer behaviour shifting, Freya pivoted her business, this is when she first launched a range of complementary pearl jewellery to adapt to the changing market landscape while staying true to her commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Freya has gone on a journey to redefine British modern luxury, infusing her collections with her extensive knowledge of fine jewellery. Her unique designs within pearl jewellery to pearl heels, seamlessly blend the worlds of fashion and craftsmanship. Since she started the brand over a decade ago her designs have now been seen on the likes of Kate Moss and Kate Middleton and her resilience and innovative approach did not go unnoticed as she was honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the UK Wedding and Honeymoon Awards Gala. 


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