Freya Rose in the Lavender with Dimples and Daisies Photography

To celebrate the recent engagement of designer Freya Rose, the Freya Rose team took a trip to a local lavender field for a hen party full of relaxation, laughter and memory making, beautifully hosted by our neighbours, the lovely ladies at Dimples & Daisies photography.

The Dimples & Daisies team consists of four skilled photographers, three trained outdoor photographers and one studio photographer, all boasting fantastic people skills, high energy, warmth and maturity, with a natural ease of connecting with women and beautiful patience with children.

Starting the day anticipating the fun we would have, our team got our outfits together for the shoot and met at our head office ready to leave for the breathtaking Lordington Lavender fields, tucked away in the beautiful countryside surrounding Chichester. We were greeted by the Dimples & Daisies ladies who first brought us to an empowerment circle, along with other women there for their own Liberty photo shoot.

Dimples & Daisies focus is to empower women and have helped over 400 individuals to feel empowered at their Liberty shoots, a cathartic experience where you are encouraged to accept yourself as you are now, celebrating your inner goddess in a non-judgmental and safe environment.

We joined hands with each other and all took turns to say how we were feeling, what we wanted to achieve by embarking on this wonderful experience, and in doing so gained the confidence to be ourselves, sending a wave of positivity around the circle.

We stood strong like a tree rooted in the earth and our arms outstretched above us allowing us to be as open and as free as we needed to be.

We listened to what each other had to say with beaming smiles, empowering one another – with hugs available to those who were feeling emotional – before we moved over to have ourselves pampered.

With the opportunity to experience a relaxing massage amongst the fragrant lavender, we were all blissfully lost in the moment, everything about the tucked away location made it feel like a secret haven just for those who were there, a place to forget about any worries and to just enjoy being ourselves. Whilst massages were taking place there was also the opportunity to have makeup professionally done by artists Ashley Charlotte Odey  and Kerry Williams at Beautified.

We were then offered a picnic table full of sandwiches, cakes and a plentiful amount of Prosecco for everyone to share, all included, and with such beautiful views, it was the perfect moment for us to toast to our very own Freya Rose, congratulating her on her recent engagement.


After spending the few hours beforehand building up our confidence, feeling relaxed and fully immersing ourselves in the atmosphere, watching the other women going in to have their pictures taken and coming out telling us what an amazing and empowering experience it was, we were all raring to get into the field and have our photos taken. And it was just as much fun as we anticipated!

During Liberty shoots, you are taught how to pose and the wonderful team encourage you to rewire your brain to ‘fake it until you become it’. Dimples & Daisies not only help women to change their mindsets on an emotional level but also change their body physiology by teaching them to pose in powerful positions, lowering stress hormones in the body and allowing the mind and body to feel equally as powerful.

Having our pictures taken amongst the gorgeous lavender we all agreed was an exhilarating experience, one that boosted our confidence, bonded us as a team and gave Freya an engagement celebration to remember. We couldn’t wait to see how our pictures came out.

Outfits styled by Freya Rose from Ba&sh, Dolce & Gabanna, Zara, Vivienne Westwood and Annie’s Vintage in Camden Passage.

Dimples & Daisies Liberty shoots are built on the foundation that everyone should feel powerful and comfortable whatever their shape or size, and that women do not need to be made beautiful but rather be caught looking happy and carefree, which is beautiful in itself. A tree doesn’t get criticised because it has lumps and bumps and neither should a woman! Dimples & Daisies shoot in nature to remind people of that, and being immersed in nature also helps people to reconnect – mindfulness is much easier to achieve away from the stress of busy 2017 life.

For more information about Dimples & Daisies Photography and the incredible work they do, including children’s portraiture, headshots and the Liberty photo shoot, please visit, or find them on Instagram @dimplesanddaisiesphotography