Monogrammed heels – shoes fit for royalty

Introducing our new, truly unique bespoke service… Monogrammed heels!

Inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding of Rachel Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Freya Rose has introduced a luxurious personal touch befitting of princesses everywhere.

These gorgeous works of art which can be created in sterling silver or polished brass are inlaid into the Freya Rose signature hand-cut mother of pearl heel by our skilled jewellers, pushing the boundaries of shoe design with fine jewellery-making techniques.

Shoes so special as these are most certainly fit for royalty!

These beautiful bespoke designs start at £1,495 and take around 3-4 months to complete.

please contact us via email: or via telephone call: 08453714466 to arrange a consultation.


The Royal Wedding

In a recent interview regarding the Royal Wedding shoes, Freya Rose says:

I think that Meghan will ensure her wedding shoes are sophisticated, as when paired with a more resplendent dress, the shoes should be kept understated. My opinion is that she will opt for a classic point or almond-toe court shoe with a fairly high heel, around 10 cm/4 inches, in a shade and material that matches the dress. That said, I would like to see her add something subtle but special to her shoes – an intricate design element such as an engraved or inlaid monogram for a really royal air, or a precious stone encrusted buckle or trim, adding a touch of glamour without being ostentatious.” 


‘M’ – Monogrammed mother of pearl heel work for a luxury bespoke design.