With an acclaimed jeweler as a mother, Freya grew up immersed in the world of fine jewelry. Her own innate sense of style and design using rare and valuable stones, is evidenced in her achieving a 1st class honor’s degree from the prestigious London College of Fashion in Footwear design. After graduating Freya went on to hone her design skills working for designers such as Gina and Tabitha Simmons.

Her philosophy was to create unique collections that incorporated her knowledge of fine jewellery; luxurious, jewelled shoes, using precious materials such as mother of pearl, brass and sterling silver. The shoes are hand crafted in Spain by craftsmen who have learnt their trade over generations. The ornate heels – that take around 20 hours of craftsmanship – are hand made by jewellers in Indonesia. Freya Rose supports a community where it has becoming increasingly difficult to sustain highly skilled workers, and is helping the survival of Indonesian traditional crafts as well as assisting with training in silversmith techniques. Working with two industries is a complicated process but ensures the shoes are unique and very special. Freya Rose also creates inspirational embroidery and perfected lines through the application of the highest levels of specialist technique in her London studio. Lustrous fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystal and shimmering Mother of Pearl heels are all components key to the brand’s core essence. A multitude of industry awards from the most reputable publications are representative of the calibre of Freya Rose’s timeless designs and her ever-growing popularity amongst press, celebrities and influencers including Kate Moss, Pixie Lott and Millie Mackintosh in 2017.