Shoe Care Advice From Freya Rose

shoe care advice

Investing in a luxury pair of shoes is a commitment, and to thank you, the Freya Rose team are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible experience, before, during and long after your wedding day/occasion arrives.

So, we’ve compiled a few tips on keeping your Shoes løoking just as opulent as the day their box was opened, as well as some general advice for those looking to purchase.

  • General Care  
  • Cleaning Ivory Satin  
  • Cleaning Shoes Of Other Fabrics  
  • Embellishment Care  
  • Mother Of Pearl Heel Care  
  • Dying Your Shoes  
  • Ensuring Your Shoes Are Comfortable 


We recommend The Restory  a London based specialist on-demand shoe and handbag restoration service for all your Shoe and handbag repair needs.

General care

If you like to keep your shoes looking fresh out of the box, we recommend taking care when wearing them, running through a field of freshly cut grass in ivory satin shoes is a scary thought!

You will find your Freya Rose shoes have a protective layer on the sole, when trying on your shoes for the first time please keep this on and stand in a carpeted area, this can be removed once you are sure you wish to keep your beautiful shoes. If you decide to return or exchange your shoes the protective layer will need to remain on and your shoes will need to be in the condition you received them in, returns should be made within 14 days of receiving your shoes.


freya rose shoe care model wears micola noir with ankle strap and mother of pearl block heel

Freya Rose style ‘Micola Noir’

Cleaning Ivory satin

Ivory being ivory, stains and marks can be very noticeable. Not to worry, there are many ways to clean and keep clean your ivory satin shoes.

Tip number one: use a shoe cleaner, WOLY combi cleaner is a high-quality foam cleaner that works magic on various types of fabrics, any type of satin shoe cleaner should work if applied as instructed – please note that shoes coated in any type of waterproofing will not be able to be dyed.

Tip number two: stop heels from sinking, Clean Heels heel stoppers are clear heel stoppers that can be placed on the heel to stop sinking into soft ground or damaging wood surfaces, they are a great help when your event requires walking on grass or mud as they protect the bottom of your heel from damage.

Tip number three: if your wedding/occasion is both inside and indoors we recommend you keep your ivory shoes for inside and have a spare pair, these could be flat shoes or shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

shoe care Image of Freya Rose style Chandelier Ivory birds eye view

Freya Rose style ‘Chandelier’ in Ivory satin

Cleaning shoes of other fabrics

WOLY combi cleaner is a high-quality foam cleaner that works magic on various types of fabrics, any type of shoe cleaner should work if applied as instructed, remember to be gentle when cleaning fabrics such as suede, seek professional advice if you aren’t comfortable cleaning  your shoes yourself, Our team would be more than happy to clean and touch up your shoes for you.


Suede is a very absorbent fabric and therefore can mark easily, WOLY combi cleaner is a high-quality foam cleaner that works magic on various types of fabrics, a good quality suede brush may also be used to remove loose dirt but care should be taken as excessive use can cause permanent damage.

shoe care freya rose chandelier, chandelier champagne heels, suede heels, swarovski heels, designer shoes, suede bridal shoes, embellishe bridal shoes

Freya Rose style ‘chandelier champagne’ in a champagne suede

Embellishment care

Many of our shoes feature embellishments, whilst the durability of our embellishments keep them looking brand new for a long time, general wear and tear of the shoes may cause crystals/pearls to become loose or fall out over time, this could be caused by feet rubbing together on embellished parts of the shoes etc. Remember, embellished shoes should be treated like jewellery for the feet.

If after your wedding you find any jewels have fallen out naturally, you are more than welcome to have them sent back to our head office where this can be repaired, so that you can keep your beautiful shoes long after as a reminder of your special day!

shoe care Freya Rose Empire wedding shoes with swarovski crystals

Freya Rose style ‘Empire’

Mother of Pearl heel care

Each piece of Mother of Pearl is individually and carefully hand cut, before being applied to the heel with resin. As a material it is exceptionally durable, and used on the heel of the shoe means they will remain clean and unlikely to damage easily. Should you wish to dye your shoes after your wedding, the heel remains intact and looks fabulous contrasted with a darker colour.

Our Mother Of Pearl heel can be wiped clean should it be dirtied.

Whilst the nature of the Mother of Pearl makes them highly durable, they are not indestructible. Wear on outside surfaces such as concrete may cause damage to the heels.

shoe care Image of Freya Rose style Lisa, back shot

Freya Rose style ‘Lisa’ Mother of Pearl heels

Dying your shoes

Many Brides think that because their wedding shoes are ivory or white they’re not practical for wear again – but don’t forget ladies – the party doesn’t have to be over, your shoes can be dyed! If so, opt for an ivory silk that is dyeable.

All of our bridal shoes are made of the finest Ivory silk Duchess satin, when purchasing our ivory satin shoes you will find a satin swatch inside the box, so you can test for dying if required.

Our signature styles featuring a hand mosaic mother of pearl heel look fabulous once dyed. The mother of pearl heel looks incredibly vivacious against darker colours and turns the shoe into a stunning evening/special occasion shoe.

Please keep in mind – satin can be cleaned using a soft, slightly damp cloth after the big day and left to dry naturally but spray protection should not be used on shoes if you wish to dye them!

When you purchase a pair of dyeable shoes from Freya Rose you will find enclosed a dyeing form from our recommended dyeing service at Arabesque. 

shoe care Image of Freya Rose style chandelier blue, blue wedding shoes with opals and swarovski trim

Freya Rose style ‘Chandelier Blue’ showing that a bridal shoe can look equally as beautiful dyed.

Ensuring your shoes are comfortable 

We know there is nothing worse than having the most beautiful shoes, but being in agony wearing them. Here are a few Freya Rose recommendations for saving your feet from any misery.


Breaking in your shoes

unworn leather-lined or satin shoes can, at first, seem quite tough and may feel too tight around certain parts of the foot, despite this, over time you will find your shoes loosen up and fit nicely around your foot, tried and tested home remedies to achieve ultimate shoe comfort include: wearing your shoes little and often before that special day to let your shoes get accustomed to your feet, try wearing thick socks and slipping into your shoes for 20 minutes at a time prior to use on the day of your occasion.

Warming your heels is another good way to loosen up the shoes as elevating the temperature will increase the ductility of the fabric. While it may sound like a scary thought, a good way of doing this is to place your shoes (with your foot inside) close to a radiator or use a hair dryer as a heat source, this allows your shoes to move and conform to the shape of your foot, keep your foot inside the shoe until the shoe has cooled in order to retain its new shape. However, make sure to avoid overheating.

Breaking in your shoes can take time and shouldn’t be left until the last minute.


Choosing the right size

Our bridal shoes are available in half sizes so if you are unsure of which size will fit you there is always the choice of going up or down (there is about half a centimetre difference between whole and half sizes). If you are still unsure, you are more than welcome to book an appointment at either one of our stores, where you can try all of our different styles in a range of sizes.

our sizing runs from EU sizes 35 – 41 (UK 2 – 8)

Although, if required a bespoke service is available to allow the creation of styles in larger or smaller sizes, this can be discussed via a telephone call or an arranged appointment with Freya herself.

shoe care shoe size chart

Freya Rose shoe size chart


Invest in a pair of inserts

Gel insoles are a great way to ensure comfort and make sure your foot stays firmly in the place it is supposed to, minimising movement. The varieties of shoe inserts are endless, with some covering the whole sole of the foot and others targeted to lining one area of the shoe such as the heel, toe or ball of the foot. These can be bought from a multitude of different retailers, or alternatively, we hold two different useful shoe inserts.

Click here to view our shoe care products.

Many of our shoes feature a memory foam lining designed to keep you comfortable until the early hours.


Flats, Blocks and Wedges, Oh my!

Flat or low-heeled shoes are just as beautiful as their high-heeled counterparts, they have guaranteed comfort and are perfect for that special occasion that requires being outside, such as a beach wedding.

Our beautiful block heels are another way to ensure you are not only comfortable but stylish as well, and our modern wedge with ankle strap for added support means that no matter what look you are going for there is a style to suit you!

Flat, block and wedged heels all allow pressure to be distributed over a larger surface area, making them easy to walk in, and you definitely won’t find them sinking into the ground!

shoe care Image of Freya Rose style Micola Noir, original wedding shoes with point toe and mother of pearl heel

Freya Rose style ‘Micola Champagne’ block heel