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2018 Fashion trends | Ways to wear white

White, a harmonious blend of both tradition and modern chic. Versatile and elegant, white is known to make a striking statement whether it be worn walking you down the aisle on your wedding day, or effortlessly promenading you through the city streets.  


Freya Rose style 'Charlie' is a sophisticated and stylish ivory pointed toe bridal shoe with a low cut silhouette, handmade with Ivory Duchess silk satin


freya rose besina lace tie up bridal shoe


Freya Rose style 'Besina' is a beautiful closed-toe, lace-up heel made with the finest leather and French Caudry lace.




Freya Rose style 'Chelsea' is a sophisticated and stylish ivory pointed toe bridal shoe with a low cut silhouette, handmade with Ivory Duchess silk satin and featuring our signature Mother Of Pearl heel with brass detailing.

              White has been the West's go-to colour for Wedding ceremonies for centuries, and searching for the perfect white gown is still very much a prominent part of many brides agenda, while no two brides look the same, all radiate an aura of elegance and natural beauty. The traditional white wedding dress plays a large role in enhancing the tranquil grace of the bride, accentuating her allure without distracting so much from the bride herself. While the dream dress holds itself high upon any bride-to-be's list, one must not forget the importance of a quintessential pair of shoes, the perfect touch to complete your head-to-toe elegance as well as being your support throughout the day, it's important to guarantee your footwear is not only beautiful but comfortable, With a special memory foam and soft kid leather lining, Freya Rose shoes are designed to ensure they are the most luxurious wedding shoes, our classic styles such as Charlie, Alba and Libby all make a minimal yet opulent addition to your wedding, handmade with Ivory Duchess silk satin and featuring a soft gold kid leather lining and leather sole, Freya Rose bridal shoes all demonstrate the artisanal insight of creating something both practical and beautiful. Freya Rose takes delight in providing a large collection of embellished shoes, mother of pearl heels and shoe clips as well as a bespoke service, allowing brides to always find a style that suits them. shop the full collection of beautiful designer bridal shoes here.  
  Freya Rose, designer wedding shoe, bridal shoe, Ivory, stiletto, 10cm heel, 4" heel, pointed toe lace up strap, leather and French caudry lace, memory foam lining, British couture, designer heels Freya Rose style 'Besina   As for ready-to-wear, white is the new black! Designers have been loving white, from head-to-toe white ensembles, unconventional frilled blouses and bold touches of white, to statement-making slogan tees. White footwear has always made an impression, when wearing white one becomes bold and fearless, not only for the prospect of dirtying your precious shoes (see tips on cleaning below*) but for how eye-catching and illuminating every step you take becomes, it's hard to keep your eyes off of a captivating pair of white shoes. Pair Freya Rose styles Charlie, Besina and Fefe with a delicate white dress for a demure and understated look or casually paired with some on-trend denim jeans, you'll be sure to turn heads wherever you go. Freya Rose ensures indulgence and luxury are incorporated into every design, our versatile styles make the perfect bridal, occasion and ready to wear pieces. The Freya Rose Capsule collection introduces our first boot 'Jasmine' available multiple colours including white leather as well as gorgeous peep-toe slingback sandals 'Zara' in white leather or black suede all featuring the Signature Freya Rose mother of pearl block heel Freya Rose, Designer Shoe, White, Heeled Boot,10cm heel, 4" heel, block heel, pointed toe boot, white leather upper, mother of pearl heel, hand finished, intricate design, British couture Freya Rose 'Jasmine White'  
*Freya Rose white shoes are made with a Duchess silk satin upper, precaution should be taken when wearing our luxury shoes in order to prevent staining or damaging the satin, if your Freya Rose shoes have become dirty we offer a free of charge cleaning service as well as embellishment repairs when returned to our Southsea head office, However, there is no guarantee the fabric can be returned to its original condition. We suggest buying heel protectors when wearing white shoes for outside occasions to prevent the heels from sinking into grass etc. as well as to protect the satin, these heel protectors can be found at a number of different retailers and online.

please feel free to send us an email regarding any of your questions on caring for your Freya Rose shoes, tips on cleaning or any other advice - you can contact us at info@freyarose.com

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