How To Match Your Wedding Shoes With Your Dress: Tips For UK Brides

How To Match Your Wedding Shoes With Your Dress: Tips For UK Brides

Planning a wedding is the most exciting, yet stressful time for a bride to be. You want to make sure that you look fantastic on your wedding day but you could be wondering where you should start with your wedding planning. Will there be a theme? What colour will my shoes be? Will they match my wedding dress? The list goes on.
Matching your wedding shoes to your dress is an important part of the bridal styling process and we know how essential this is to get right for your special day.
Wedding shoes need to compliment your bridal dress and there are lots of elements to take into consideration before making your final decision such as: colour, style, heel height, comfort and if you want to add an extra touch of sparkle with embellishments.
To make this process a little easier, we have come up with our top tips for matching your dress with your wedding shoes and everything we think you need to consider to ensure that you feel like royalty as you walk down the aisle. 

Bridal Tips: Coordinating your wedding attire with your wedding shoes

First things to consider when you are coordinating your wedding attire is the dress styes, whether you are after an eye-catching ball gown dress or a gorgeous A-Line dress. Knowing what style of dress you want before searching for your shoes may help you have clarity around what kind of bridal shoes you are looking for.
Alternatively, some brides prefer to pick their bridal shoes before finding their dress, whichever way you decide to look for your shoes, here are our top tips to coordinate your shoes with your wedding dress.  

1. Find details that show up on your wedding shoes and the dress

Whilst shopping for your perfect wedding shoes it is important to think about combining elements from both your dress and wedding shoes. This will ensure you have a streamlined fashionable bridal style that will compliment each other effortlessly. Whether you love floral lace details or elegant bow designs, these details can be defined not only within the dress, but through the style and the design of the shoes as well. Ensuring your individual taste is showing throughout your bridal look. 
Floral details are a popular choice for brides-to-be and we think that they can look extraordinary paired with our beautiful floral design mother of pearl heels. Our captivating towering high heeled stilettos ‘Freya’ featuring our signature mother of pearl heels have been carefully handcrafted by talented artisans in Bali. Each individual mother of pearl pieces are carefully inlaid to create this intricate floral pearl heel design. The shimmering ivory suede sandal featuring a 13 cm heel with a 4cm platform will ensure you feel like royalty when you walk down the aisle. 
Shop 'Freya' Pearl Heel Wedding Shoes
If block heels are your preference, then our gorgeous tie up sandals ‘Flora’, will be the perfect floral statement pearl heel for you. Their 10cm block heels will give you the extra height you are after whilst also being a versatile ivory wedding shoe for any tricky terrain. Pair these gorgeous shoes with your floral embellished wedding dress to add a romantic and feminine statement for your bridal styling.  
Shop Floral Pearl Block Heels
If choosing details that coincide with the 2023 wedding trends is on the top of your list for bridal styling must-haves, then we are pleased to let you know that beautiful bow features are in! Our contemporary bow detailed shoes ‘Cara’ would be the perfect example of adding a touch of femininity to your wedding styling. These gorgeous white leather mule wedding shoes will compliment any bow detailing in your wedding gown.
Shop Cara Our While Leather Mule 

2. Decide if you want the colour of your wedding shoes to match the dress or if you want your bridal shoes to be the statement piece. 

Considering whether you are after wedding shoes that are either the traditional ivory or champagne colours or you can incorporate your own individual style into your special day by wearing beautiful bold colours such as green or black wedding shoes or maybe your wedding shoes will become your perfect ‘something blue’.
Whether you are a traditional or modern bride-to-be make sure that you are sticking to your authentic style so you feel confident and stylish walking down the aisle.
We love that there are no rules when it comes to deciding the colour of your shoes (or the dress) which can make your decision process take even longer, although, this is what makes shopping for the perfect wedding shoes so much fun! We love our green, black and blue wedding shoe staples and we also have an incredible bestselling ivory and champagne wedding shoe collection to pick from too. 
If you are after a bold contrasting statement wedding shoe then leaving the traditional wedding colours behind will be the ideal bridal styling choice for you. We are in awe of how breath-taking our Cher Verde and Cher Noir’s are, they have an incredible ornate mother of pearl heel with brass for an eye-catching statement to your bridal styling.
Shop Cher Noir
Shop Cher Verde
Fefe bloom blue will be the ultimate ‘something blue’ wedding shoes, these intricate floral heels are made with luxurious satin silk and a intricate mother of pearl heel design, which will elevate any bridal look.
Shop Fefe Bloom Blue
Our bestselling ivory wedding shoes ‘Gigi’ are the perfect bridal shoes to pair with an ivory dress for a modern twist on the traditional wedding styling. Our mid block heels feature our signature mother of pearl heels handcrafted with an intricate mosaic design. 
Shop Gigi Pearl Heel

3. Matching fabrics and textures with your wedding shoes 

Another way that you can match your dress with your wedding shoes is to match the textures and fabrics of the wedding dress. If you are looking to wear a beautiful silk or satin wedding dress then adding silk satin shoes could compliment your dress effortlessly. On the other hand, if lace materials are your ideal wedding styling fabrics then you could think about combining lace details into your wedding shoes. 
Matching satin dresses with our gorgeous collection of satin shoes may be the perfect formula to help you create a bridal look of your dreams. We have a elegant barely there sandals from our 'Fefe' range of shoes and classic court shoes available from 'Chelsea' to 'Charlie' to help you pair your dress fabric with your shoes! 
Shop 'Fefe' our barely there sandals

Shop 'Chelsea' Our Gorgeous Pearl Heel Court Shoes

  Shop Charlie our Classic Court Shoe

4. Add accessories to your wedding shoes 

Adding accessories to your wedding shoes is another way to match your beautiful wedding shoes to your dress.
For glamourous embellished dresses, you may want to compliment this with our gorgeous collection of embellished wedding shoes that are made out of Swarovski crystals to add a touch of sparkle throughout your wedding styling. Our swoon-worthy Celine and Celina collections will allow you to have the added sparkle of your dreams. The two colour ways we have available for these beautiful court shoes are ivory and blue that are made with luxurious silk satin. They will elevate any bridal look with a modern twist to a traditional wedding shoe. 
Shop Celine Ivory
Shop Celine Blue 
Our queen styles will allow you to enhance our popular bridal shoes to add a touch of feminine elegance while you walk down the aisle. Martene, Martina and Martina Midi queen are perfect versatile shoes that you can treasure forever and wear again long after your wedding day. The different block heights will ensure you find the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are all made from our exquisite champagne shimmering suede and feature our iconic mosaic design mother of pearl heels that have been intricately hand inlaid to create these unique and mesmerizing shoes to pair with your glamorous wedding dress. 
Shop Martina Queen
Shop Martene Queen
Shop Martina Midi Queen

5. Consider your wedding dress length and silhouette to help match your wedding shoes

The length and style of your dress will determine which heel heights to choose, if you are considering a ball gown, you may want to think about adding some height with our towering block heels 'Bonnie' to elongate the look of the dress. Bonnie has our signature mother of pearl design featuring a towering block heel and platform to ensure you will have your desired added height!
Shop Bonnie block sky high pearl heels
Alternatively, if you are looking for a more figure hugging silhouette you may want to go for a more subtle wedding shoe design. If you are interested in a shorter wedding dress then you could add a bold statement heel like our gorgeous white leather bridal boot 'Jasmine' to elevate your modern bridal look. 
Shop Jasmine white bridal boots

Bridal Tips For Finding the Perfect Balance Between Style And Comfort 

When you are deciding your bridal shoes, it is essential to remember that you will be on your feet for the majority of your wedding day. Comfortable wedding shoes are vital for enjoying your special day!  But comfort doesn’t mean compromising on style. Here are our top tips for finding comfortable wedding shoes for your big day. 

1. Choosing between block and stiletto wedding shoes

Brides need too feel comfortable in their wedding shoes but this should not affect your bridal styling; that is where different styles of heels come in handy. Our real brides have been known to have two pairs of shoes, one for their ceremony and a pair so they are able to dance the night away at their reception- so that could be another thing to consider when choosing your wedding shoes if there are more than one design that catches your eye. 
We have a selection of block heels at varying heel heights for brides so you will be able to find your dream pair of wedding shoes. We have a gorgeous collection of block high towering heels to low block heels that provide our brides-to-be with the comfort and confidence they need on their big day. If you want a graceful high heel shoes 'Martina' with a beautiful mosaic design pearl heel will add comfort and height! 'Rozu', is a beautiful mother of pearl and brass floral pearl heel that will add a touch of femineity to your bridal look. Finally, 'Martene Midi', is the low block heel of dreams with a beautiful pearl mosaic heel that adds a statement as well as versatility for any tricky terrains!
  Shop Martina Pearl Heels

Shop Rozu Pearl Heels

Shop Martene Midi Pearl Heels
If you are confident in stiletto heels then we also have a mesmerizing collection of high heeled wedding shoes that will give you added height for your glamorous walk down the aisle.  You can choose our beautiful black wedding shoes 'Cleopatra' with a beautiful handmade brass, grey mother of pearl, and green abalone pearl heel. Or if you want a statement gold wedding shoe 'Rose in Bloom Gold' will be the perfect shoes for you. These heels will ensure heads are turned on your wedding day!
Shop Cleopatra Pearl Heel Wedding shoes 

Shop Rose in Bloom floral pearl heels

2. Wear your wedding shoes long before your big day

The most important thing to remember is to keep wearing your wedding shoes numerous times throughout the leadup to your wedding day so you know you will feel comfortable and confident in your wedding shoes before your special day arrives. All of our shoes are made with comfort in mind, using a high quality kid leather and memory foam, so that your feet are comfortable all day long.

To conclude

We know how important matching your dress with your wedding shoes is to ensure you feel special on your wedding day, we hope that knowing how to style your shoes with different wedding dress fabrics and details will ensure you have a stress free and enjoyable experience whilst shopping for your perfect wedding shoes. Make sure that comfortable wedding shoes are on the top of your list so you can relax and feel confident throughout your wedding day.
Our unique wedding shoes collection are made to make you will feel incredibly special whilst walking down the aisle and we have designs to match your bridal style so you can add you own personal touch to your overall look. They truly are sculptural, wearable works of art that can be treasured forever, long after your wedding day! 

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