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Personalise your Bridal Shoes with Super Cool Shoe Clips for the Modern Bride

Bridal Fashion is leaning further towards modern styles, and designers aren’t afraid to venture from traditional ideas. We love that brides are making their big day really theirs. At Freya Rose, we suggest the most stylish and unique way to personalise your look - with our beautiful range of luxurious shoe clips. Freya often designs classic styles featuring her unique precious mother of pearl heels. Our Bridal shoe collection features timeless styles, gives you the perfect opportunity to add extra style to your shoes with embellishments and shoe clips. First comes your dream shape and silhouette - then ornate embellishments for extra drama and personalisation. Shoe clips are the perfect way to add romantic detailing to shoes. Add them to plain shoes for a touch of luxury or, to already sparkling shoes, for the maximalist bride in your heart. Make your outfit a feast for the senses by layering these special jewelled designs on any shoes you desire. Our range of glamorous shoe clips, featuring Swarovski crystals and duchess satin silk, make for a perfect keepsake or wedding heirloom that can also be used as the most elegant way to add style to your shoes. With our shoe clips, you can easily create two chic shoes in one. Keep your shoes classic for your service, and add a touch of drama with your favourite clips for your evening celebrations. Feel free to wear them again and again - and every time you’ll keep a symbol of your special memories close to you. So romantic. We also love shoe clips as the perfect wedding gift - shimmering shoe clips stand out as something special amongst gift vouchers. Though she be but little, she is fierce - we personally adore our bee clips. So unique they add a buzz to any look! Transform any wedding or occasion shoes with these golden busy bee clips. Sparkly clips such as ‘Pearl’ are the perfect accessory to marry an outfit together. Made with pearls and fine Swarovski crystals, ‘Pearl’ is so on-trend right now as renaissance style jewellery is crowned queen of the runway. Match them to earrings or headbands for a real princess look, or wear them only on your shoes as an unexpected (and chic) way to join this baroque trend. Flowers have always symbolised romantic gestures, so it’s no surprise Freya included these amorous ‘Rosa’ ivory silk shoe clips. Not only are they versatile because of their detachable nature, their ivory silk material means you can dye them to perfectly match your bouquet (or anything your heart desires.) Match them with your wedding dress or evening gown for a dreamy monochrome arrangement. Flowing flowers were featured on the spring 2020 runways, with models from Kate Spade, Prabal Gurung and Missoni wearing blossoming details. Florals were always going to be on-trend for spring - it’s how you wear them. Florals on your feet? Groundbreaking. Our 'Diana' clips are seriously lavish - these larger clips feature nothing but Swarovski crystals and add a beautiful detail to bridal or evening shoes. These clips are so classic and innately opulent, and also the perfect investment for 2020 - as catwalks were awash with jewels for spring/summer 2020. Step into your glittering future with a twist by wearing gems on your shoes with these glamorous ‘Diana’ Clips. If you’re already excited thinking about what shoes you’ll be pairing yours with, click our link for more clips and possibilities.

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