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The Best Shoes for a Spring Wedding

Spring has officially sprung and no one is more excited than us as the weather gets warmer to dress the part! The start of sunnier days, means all the more wedding occasions are in bloom.

We have rounded up our go-to spring style shoes from the Freya Rose collection, for you to pick the best heels for your spring bridal look!


Champagne Heels 

Champagne wedding shoes have been an increasingly popular trend during the spring wedding season because of its naturally stunning hues. One of our most popular Champagne wedding shoes, known for being fashionable and classic in style - 'Martina' - pictured above worn by our beautiful real bride 'Lizzie'. These genuine mother of pearl blocks, have an elegant mosaic design heel that will catch spring light beautifully on your special day. The delicate strapping reflects appropriate season dressing and stylishness. 

Our embellished Martina style is popular amongst brides wanting to add a touch of glamour to their special day; 'Martina Queen' is hand embellished using ethically sourced freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals for an opulent finish. These jewelled heels are a beautiful choice for a spring bride wanting to combine natural materials with chic glamour. Both embellished and plain styles of 'Martina' are available in a lower block heel known as our 'Martina Midi', a popular choice for spring brides having outdoor weddings where they may be walking through natural terrain! 

Shimmering Suede Shoes

We have a beautifully designed collection of shimmering suede wedding shoes that make for the fairytale wedding shoe - like our infamous ‘GiGi’. In a beautiful shimmering ivory suede, this elegant chunky platform heel silhouette provides you with optimal comfort all day long so that you can dance the night away in ease. These dream shoes boast more than comfort, they are perfect for a sophisticated styling beyond your day of love. Serving a statement block heel, ‘GiGi’ is also a popular style amongst taller brides who are wanting a flattering and leg-lengthening heel without needing to commit to the height of a traditional bridal stiletto for that boost of height. 

For brides, who would rather opt for a closed-toe style, 'Monica' is made of a classy shimmering suede with a seductive cutaway side. Finished off with a mirrored leather insole, these heels provide the ideal balance of calculated sexy in a shoe. Jewelled with the same mother of pearl heel design as ‘GiGi’ the mosaic motif maintains an allure of elegance, on and beyond your wedding day. 

Floral Pearl Heels  

Pearl wedding shoes for a spring bridal styling would be our first choice…not a biased opinion we promise! Many of our bridal heels feature mother of pearl because of its glamorous look and meaningful symbolism. Pearl has been known to be a precious material that is believed to provide calming effects, as well as good-luck to those that wear it - both things we wish upon our very special brides. ‘Flora’ is one of our latest releases that is made in a tedious process using hand-cut iridescent pieces of mother of pearl that are hand-inlaid to create a uniquely romantic and delicate floral motif. ‘Flora’ is the shoe of choice for the entire spring and summer season, whether you are attending your own wedding or as a guest for the upcoming wedding season. These ornate jewelled sandals have delicate shimmering suede strapping that you can tie as you desire, to compliment your personal style and foot perfectly for a flattering design. 


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