Why Buy Luxury Bridal Shoes

Why Buy Luxury Bridal Shoes

So why designer wedding shoes? The simple answer is because you're worth it, but we do have a bigger and better argument for you. It's your wedding day, your special day, something that you are only going to do once. You absolutely deserve to have luxury bridal shoes that you can cherish and treasure forever. A lot of planning and preparation goes into building your perfect day, and finding the dress and shoes can take a long time. You could choose to get married in off-the-rack, high street shoes that we believe that our comfortable wearable works of art trump anything else you might find.
Here at Freya Rose, our dream is to design quality, ethically made shoes that you will love so much that they will become heirloom pieces for you to enjoy and pass on. Many of our wedding shoes are simply so gorgeous that you will want to wear them time and time again, and they offer that level of versatility. They are also unique, and we design a limited number of pairs every year. Take Cher Verde, for example, not all brides choose champagne or ivory wedding shoes, and the Cher Verde is a stunning work of art that you can wear.  Designed from luxurious emerald green shimmering suede with 1970s-inspired frivolity and glamour, these gorgeous platform sandals have a 5.2-inch heel with a 3 cm platform. The real talking point is the gorgeous block heel which features a luxurious mother of pearl, green abalone and brass inlay that we are unashamed to say we simply adore.
Shop our Mesmerizing Sky High Block Heel 'Cher'
Another alternative to traditional white wedding shoes is Cleopatra, or black stilettos style platform sandal with a stunning shimmer suede crossed front design and the gorgeous inlaid heel with grey mother-of-pearl, brass and green abalone. These really are unique and stunning shoes.
Shop Our Gorgeous Sky high Heels 'Cleopatra'
Rose in Bloom Gold offers a similar look and feel but is finished in a luxurious taupe shimmer suede which is slightly more traditional for a bridal look. The heel has a show-stopping flower pattern which has been harmed encrusted with mother of pearl and Brass. It is a towering inch heel and a 4 cm platform.
Shop our gorgeous statement shoe 'Rose in Bloom Gold'
Part of the iconic collection of contemporary jewelled platform shoes, Freya comes in the gorgeous ivory shimmer suede and has a 5.2-inch heel with a 4 cm platform. It has a delicate inlaid Ivory mother-of-pearl pattern with a delicate floral look.
Shop our Showstopper Sky high Platform shoes 'Freya'
If you like the gorgeous flower heel, have a look at Flora which is a least ankle strap single toe band, block heel sandal that gives a classic bridal look.
Shop Our Unique Tie Up Sandal 'Flora'
Finally, Martene and Martina are closely related, our Martene collection has an infilled heel with a high ankle strap, and the Martina has an open back low ankle strap. Both feature the delicate mother-of-pearl mosaic inlay and come in two different heights, meaning you can create the perfect look and purchase a gorgeous work of art pair of shoes that you will want to wear time and time again.
Shop Our Exquisite block Bridal Shoes 'Martina'
Shop Our Gorgeous Martene Mid Block Bridal Shoes 

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