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USA Wedding: Real Bride Lera wears Bridal Boots 'Jasmine White'

Lera & Ilya 
Lera and Ilya had a divine autumn micro-wedding with their parents, the bride’s best friend and a few family friends across the pond in America. Despite, COVID unfortunately forcing the couple to postpone and then evidently reconsider some of their previous plans, the couple were still able to organise a breathtaking wedding day. We adore the concept of an intimate marriage, which allows for the couple to truly enjoy their moment with the people that are the nearest and dearest to them. With the breathtaking Red Rocks, Colorado as their backdrop we are so grateful to have played a part in Lera and Ilya's special ceremony of love amidst so much uncertainty during the pandemic.
How They Met
After meeting Lera, Ilya had plans to move to Los Angeles, California three weeks later. "We knew right away that this was something special. I was going home for the holidays one week later, and asked if he wanted to join me, and he said yes! My parents loved him right away, and at one point my mom cornered him when I was asleep and gave him a wise pep talk... he came to wake me up and told me he wasn't moving to LA, that he would stay in NYC for me." Seeing these beautiful bridal shoes against the New York City skyline makes it all the more sentimental knowing how much this American city means to the happy couple and their love story.  
The Bridal Shoes: Why Lera chose 'Jasmine White' Boots 
Lera chose these boots because of their unique stand-out heel and we couldn’t agree more. 'Jasmine White' boots are a statement pointed-toe ankle boot made of opulent white ivory leather; what makes them a real stand-out shoe amongst the rest is the block heel, adorned in lustrous mother of pearl and polished brass. We loved how much these wedding boots stand out against the bright Red Rocks of Colorado picturing the happy couple.
The Bridal Outfit 
The contemporary style of the bold 'Jasmine White' heel boots were a statement piece that matched effortlessly with Lera's cool white bridal jumpsuit. Adorned with delicate floral lace details and a train style cape, we loved the pairing of our ‘Baroque Pearl Long Drop’ earrings in her ensemble - the perfect pearl drop earring for a fashion-forward bride's style. 
Advice for Future Brides:
"Find ways to relieve stress while planning! Remember you can't make everyone happy and ultimately this is about you and your partner and the love you share.",after all a micro-wedding doesn't mean you have to compromise on the amount of love in the air.

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