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Wedding Shoe Advice For Brides During Lockdown

A quick letter from Freya Rose:

Planning a wedding and choosing your wedding shoes can come with a multitude of pleasure and endless enjoyment however this can also be accompanied by a level of stress and worry.

If you were due to marry in the next few months, I can’t even imagine what you and your partner must be going through.

I got married last June and as an entrepreneurial business owner and mother of an 8 year old and newborn, time was certainly not on my side. The hardest part of the process was finding my perfect dress. Many women start purchasing their dresses a year in advance of their wedding whereas I had recently given birth to my daughter and with an ever-changing body, it was a challenge.

Whether you have postponed your wedding or are having a small ceremony with a larger celebration later, one thing that you do have the luxury of right now is time. You can really enjoy the things that may have previously felt overwhelming and stressful. Use this time to get inspired, creative and have fun.

My expertise is wedding shoes and designing them is my passion. I am immersed in the fashion world and design both ready-to-wear and wedding shoes. Women who have selected my designs have included the iconic Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo and Rihanna amongst others, so you are in good company!

As I was also a bride myself just last year, I understand your desires, dreams and concerns, so I hope that my top tips below will be like having a good friend alongside you, to guide you and to give you some invaluable expertise in selecting your dream wedding shoes.


Wedding Planning Tips

I hope that these expert tips below help you with your wedding planning whilst you are in lockdown:

1. Wedding Website.

Set up a wedding website. You can create a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly website to share your wedding plans with family and friends, manage your guests, your wedding gift list and RSVPs all in one place. There are many platforms offering this service. I used a free one called Getting Married.

2. Research suppliers.

Social media is a great source for inspiration but the volume of information can be overwhelming. I suggest identifying a few designers whose aesthetic you gravitate towards or suppliers that fit your theme and who you admire and respect. They often have suggested and recommended supplier lists themselves, which can help steer your choices.

3. Phone Consultations With A Wedding Planner.

They can advise you on how to postpone and they also direct, inspire and give you so much advice. It saved me a lot of time, stress and money, and kept everything on track. This is all in addition to helping couples budget and supervise sticky details like legal contracts.

4. Design Your Dream Wedding Shoes!

We have launched an exciting competition with ‘Lovemydress’ to design your dream wedding shoes. Over the next week I will be giving you tips and advice to inspire your creativity from home. I will then turn your design into a beautiful reality for you.

5. Get Creative.

Look at ways that you can become part of the design process. I took an image of a Gladioli flower and used a close-up of it for my invitations. I found some ethereal chiffon to use as a tie. ‘Golden light’ was a huge source of inspiration for my wedding. I used Luneria from my grandmother and hand-painted gold-leaf to accessorise the placemats. Think outside of the box and perhaps research some Youtube videos or blogs that can help you get inspired.


6) Choose your Wedding Accessories

Choose your wedding shoes jewellery and hair accessories! Unlike many suppliers that you may have to rearrange, you can rely on the fact that your bridal accessories will still be there on your wedding day!  Whether you postpone your wedding or have a small affair and party later, your wedding shoes and accessories are needed. They can also still be easily stored and it’s one thing less to do later.


Top Tips:  Choosing Your Dream Wedding Shoes

1. Choosing The Aesthetic.

Contemporary brides look to both bridal and ready-to-wear shoe collections for inspiration, so don’t limit your source. I specialise in Bridal shoes, so create my designs with an emphasis on comfort and with an aesthetic that compliments a wedding dress.  Unique design features such as bejewelled heels create heirloom quality pieces.

Consider the heel height and toe shape that you are looking for. In our classic collection we offer something that will suit everybody, concentrating on fit, line contour and being flattering and sexy. Once you have the right shape, you can then think about customising and having details added.

Remember that shoes are the sculpture which will hold not only you, but also your soul and your spirit.

Every girl feels special in beautiful heels. Unlike your dress, bridal shoes can be easily stored forever, to love, cherish and remind you of your special day.

I have my wedding shoes on a shelf in my bedroom. I love looking at them and remembering moments from our special day.


2. Heel Height And Versatility.

Choose a heel height that you feel comfortable in and one that gives you a good posture. When thinking of your heel height, do consider the height of your partner, as you don’t want to tower over them!

Shoe clips are a fantastic way of adding detail to your shoes. Not only will they last forever and offer versatility with other shoes, but you can decide where you want to position them on the bridal shoes.

You can also exchange your clips; for example, adding a more glamorous clip for your dinner and dance will give the appearance that you have two different pairs of wedding shoes.


3. Where Is Your Wedding?

Consider the climate and the terrain that you will be getting married in.

Open toe and sandals are better if you are getting married in a hotter climate. Boots and closed shoes for winter weddings.

Will there be cobbled streets, grass or sand? Block heels are great for stability and comfort. If you will be wearing your heels on a grassy or muddy surface you should be aware that they might get stained. Consider the mother of pearl heel. It is not only stunningly beautiful and intricate, it is also sustainable and can be easily cleaned.

A great way to stop your heels sinking into grassy surfaces is to use heel protectors.  ‘Clean Heels’ are a perfect solution for this and come in a variety of sizes to suit your bridal shoes.


4. Completing Your Look.

Think about the bridal jewellery and accessories that you will be wearing. For example if you are wearing pearls or diamonds, bridal shoes with similar details can complete and enhance your look.

Consider the design of your wedding dress. Perhaps choose a more minimal shoe if your dress is heavily embellished.  Pearl buttons or the mother-of-pearl heels can beautifully highlight a more simple design.


5. Colour.

Consider the colour of your wedding shoes and whether or not you want to wear them again.

Our ivory satin heels are dyeable so you can choose your desired colour pre or post wedding to transform them into a ready-to-wear colour.  The shoes can therefore become one of your versatile wardrobe icons after the wedding day.

The Freya Rose shoe and jewellery collections are contemporary and timeless and will therefore look just as gorgeous for any future occasions.

We specialise in silver and champagne bridal shoes in shimmer suede that has a lustrous finish and which is super soft. These soft metallic shades pair beautifully with ivory/champagne wedding dresses and are stylish shoes which can be, most importantly, worn again.


We provide free shoe styling consultations online to help guide your decision making and we are here to inspire you and guide you through this exciting process, so please do get in touch here:

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