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Whimsical Winter Wedding Inspiration - Freya Rose Real Brides

Looking for Magical and Whimsical Winter Wedding Inspiration? Look no further than Freya Rose Real Brides...

Roman Bath Amor  


[Olivia in our 'June White Boots - Pearl Heel']

Olivia and Andy tied the knot surrounded by their nearest and dearest at sunrise, with a small and intimate ceremony. We truly adore the idea of a sunrise wedding as we can’t help but imagine what the dreamy sunrise lighting must of been like for the happy couple to witness together - truly taking advantage of the minimal daylight during these wintery months! If a sunrise wedding wasn’t unique enough, they embraced at the stunning Roman Baths in Somerset making for a seriously romantic setting. Whilst many think of winter weddings traditionally out of the city, we love the couple’s take on an urban town wedding which doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice on any sort of beautiful scenery. When surrounded by loved ones tossing confetti, even their furry four legged member Peanut had to get her moment of glory too! We would take a leaf out of Olivia and Andy’s book and get all the winter wedding inspiration from their sunset in the city take of your special day!

Dark Romance 


[Hollie chose our 'Martina - Pearl Heel']

When Covid struck, Hollie and Mike did not give up on making their nuptials happen and we are very glad they didn’t! Rescheduled for the end of October, the pair capitalised on the halloween theme to provide a gothic twist but this was still a wedding full of warmth and wonder. Despite, it *technically* counting as an autumnal/fall affair, we fell in love with the decor and bridal gown that we couldn’t go without including this lovely pair in our post! Taking place at Cripps Barn, Cirencester in the Cotswolds proved for an already rustic feel to this dark and romantic affair and the overhead flower ring chandelier topped it off for us! Full of palm leaves and beautiful glass lamps when shining down on the loving couple as they take their first dance together, you would think this wedding took place in the exotics but as Hollie’s pearly dress glistened underneath the light, the beautiful bride looked nothing short of a magical winter bride. Decor can truly transport a wedding venue to any fantasy you can dream of and we would tell our bride’s to go all out for their wintery occasion following similar themes of silver, white, crystal and glass with earthy green to reiterate the cold outdoors, whilst loved up in the warm indoors!

Fairytale Flair

[Emee in our 'Jasmine White - Pearl Heel'

Emee and Walker became one earlier this year in January and what a way to start off 2021! Whilst the pair may describe their wedding as a minimony, it maxed out on serving all the whimsical winter wedding inspiration we could ever even think of and we are in total awe. The stunning wedding took place at The Enchanted Barn in Wisconsin, where the beautiful couple were not only adorned in gorgeous outfits but crisp white snow. A truly blessed pair, the amazing snowy scenes made for their special day to look like it was straight out of a fairytale. If you don’t believe us they got the horse and carriage to match too! When planning a wedding you want to travel in style and with a wintery vision, why wouldn’t you want the transport to match it. 

Green with Love 

[India in White Bridal Boots]

India and Oli chose a beautifully festive wedding to celebrate their love. Located in Great Wishford, Wiltshire , the pair transformed the little village into their very own scene out of a classic romance novel. A candle-lit church awaited the bridesmaids as they strut in formation adorning breath-taking bottle green dresses each of them paired with their own unique boots. We really loved how powerful all these women looked together with India on her special day, reminding us that bridal fashion isn’t just for the bride to feel special but her entourage too! Speaking of, India wore a beautiful high neck gown by 'Andrea Hawkes' and her bridesmaids were dressed in 'Maids To Measure' who India is Co-Founder of. We adored the subtle nod to Christmas colour schemes with the green emerald velvet touch pairing beautifully with the swans and stars themed wedding for the pair’s special day. This occasion truly provided a crisp and elegant inspiration for a quintessentially English wintery wedding affair. India and Oli may not have had warmth provided by the weather but the love of the happy couple surrounded by their family and dear friends warmed our hearts.  

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