Penny Mordaunt's Coronation Pearl Earrings - Freya Shares Her Top 5 Favourite Baroque Pearl Earrings To Get Her Look.

Penny Mordaunt's Coronation Pearl Earrings - Freya Shares Her Top 5 Favourite Baroque Pearl Earrings To Get Her Look.

Everyone, including Freya, was stunned when Penny Mordaunt's stepped out in her exquisite coronation attire.
Mordaunt, who played a vital part in the crowning of King Charles III, wore a custom teal Safiyaa "Roni Poseidon Midi Dress" with golden fern like embroidery around the collar and nape. The modest, but striking caped mid-dress was complimented beautifully with a matching headband and divine pearl earrings. 
Penny's coronation earrings feature two statement baroque pearls on a simple golden stud.  Baroque pearls are a naturally formed pearl known for their beautiful irregular shape and iridescent lustre. Increasing in popularity, the unique pearls are favoured for their individual characteristics and contemporary feel. 

Get Penny's Look with Freya'a Top 5 Favourite Baroque Pearl Earrings:


1. Rose Baroque Pearl Drops

Elegant with a touch of regal charm, our classic Rose Baroque Pearl Drops beautifully reflect Penny's celebratory look with the majestic large baroque pearls and 22ct gold vermeil rose studs.

2. Blue Topaz Baroque Drops

Looking to make more of a statement? Our regal Blue Topaz Baroque Drops feature an opulent tudor cut semi-precious gemstone with large baroque pearls for a striking pop of colour and glamorous feel.


3. Baroque Pearl Mid Drops

If you're all about all pearl jewellery, our Baroque Pearl Mid Drops are a timeless, feminine earring with a classic beauty that effortlessly compliment day to night attire. Handcrafted from four unique baroque pearls.

4. Gold Weave Mini Hoops with Baroque Pearls

For a more understated, but elegant baroque pearl moment, opt for our Gold Weave Mini Hoops With Baroque Pearls. Their rare craftsmanship makes them a special and unique piece without requiring a particular occasion to attend.

5. Mini Hoops with Combo Pearls

Introduce baroque pearls into your everyday with a classic 22ct Gold Vermeil Mini Hoop with our combo or Freshwater and Baroque Pearls. Their detachable nature gives you endless styling options, making them the perfect accessory to dress a look up.


Reflect your individual style. 

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