Perfect Shoes And Accessories For  A Forest Wedding

Perfect Shoes And Accessories For A Forest Wedding

Forest weddings are becoming increasingly common among bride due to their natural beauty, they provide stunning backdrops that make weddings feel more picturesque and magical. We have curated a list of our favourite pearl heels, jewellery and bags for a forest wedding, diving them into green and ivory accessories.

Forest Hues

For a forest wedding people often want to highlight their surroundings by wearing colours that are more earthly, using the unique paua shell we have pearl bags, jewellery and heels which incapsulate all different types of green. We have hand picked our favourite styles including the unique paua shell for brides and guests to accessorize with for weddings.

Jaya | Pearl Bag

Jaya is a unique hand crafted pearl paua shell clutch bag, the striking geometric shapes of the clutch makes it a stunning, unique statement to be adorned with at a forest wedding.

Myla Verde | Pearl Earrings

The beautiful paua shell allows you to be one with your earthly surroundings while at a forest wedding. The unique tones of the pearl jewellery and bold geometric shapes ensures that you will make a statement with these on.

Other jewellery options 

Mini Hoops With Paua Star And Moon | Warrioress Paua Necklace

Another option for pearl earrings is our gold plated hoops with paua shell charms on them, these are a more subtle statement if you want to include green into your ensemble. However if you love making statements, our warrioress paua necklace would be a perfect choice to opt for when deciding on necklaces.

Arte | Pearl Heels

Our beautiful Arte heels are perfect for a dreamy forest wedding. The deep emerald green leather perfectly encapsulates a woodland setting, the pearl heels also use our paua shell meaning when the light shines it is like a kaleidoscope of green hues. They are ideal for any type of wedding with green or forest like themes.

Ivory Classics

Ivory toned pearl accessories at a wedding are always perfectly on theme, even if it isn't your traditional wedding setting. These ivory accessories that we handpicked will make you stand out against the earthy tones of nature at forest weddings, ensuring you turn heads as you walk past.

Athena | Pearl Bag

Athena is a unique designer clutch, handcrafted from real mother of pearl this statement piece is versatile to pair with any occasion wear. 

Myla Ivory | Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery is a timeless statement that can be enjoyed far beyond weddings. Our Myla Ivory earrings are the perfect combination of classical pearl earrings laced with modern silhouettes. The unique geometric shapes create a beautiful statement that is sure to look beautiful in the midst of greens at a forest wedding.

Other Jewellery Options

Hand Carved Rose Drops | Warrioress Armour Drops Silver

These two sets of pearl earrings are another good alternative option to wear for forest weddings, our hand carved rose drops allows you include roses into your jewellery, bringing you back to a earthly forest wedding. Our armoured drops are also perfect as they are more of a subtle but still unique and striking approach to pearl earrings.

GiGi Ivory | Pearl heels 

Our GiGi Ivory pearl heels are our bestsellers, they are perfect for forest weddings due to the block heel and the stunning colour. They create a perfect contrast within the earthly tones of a forest wedding. Our signature pearl heel looks beautiful against greens as the pearl is such a pure tone that catches any fragment of light.
We hope you love our selection of perfect shoes and accessories for a forest wedding!

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