Celebrating 12 Years of Freya Rose - Freya Rose Pearl Shoes and Jewellery

Celebrating 12 Years of Freya Rose

Freya Rose is celebrating its 12th anniversary!

The Freya Rose team wanted to share the brand's story to celebrate 12 years of Freya Rose. After organically growing the business over the years, having only had one initial investment from the Prince's Trust 12 years ago, Freya Rose and the Prince’s Trust paths cross again, working together for International Woman’s Day 2022


How it all began…

Freya’s founding principles, are values that she has felt passionately about long before the creation of Freya Rose. As a young adult, attending the London college of Fashion, Freya first wrote about the importance of the fair treatment of indigenous people and the preservation of traditional skills, in her university dissertation, which assisted her in gaining a 1st class honours degree. Freya was surrounded by fine jewellery at a young age, as her mother is an acclaimed jeweller, having received multiple awards over the years. So, after having sparked her love for shoes whilst at university, Freya knew that she wanted to merge her new passion with her knowledge of fine jewellery. After a loan from the Prince’s Trust, in 2010, Freya Rose was born and 12 years later working alongside the trust!

How it grew…

Over the years, Freya Rose has created designer wedding shoes for a multitude of bridal styles, whether a classic, boho-chic or modern style, the shoes remain timeless in design. Freya Rose shoes differ from the rest because of their statement heels. The heels have become a Freya Rose signature from which the Iconic collection has evolved, featuring these popular mother of pearl heels. All of the pieces featured are handmade taking over 20 hours to perfect by jewellers to create a truly unique shimmered shoe, making two pairs alike.  

Sustainable and slow fashion are crucial components of the business, which are paramount to the preservation of traditional craft technique especially when handling such fine and precious materials. Every shoe created at Freya Rose is produced in Spain by artisan couturiers and then sculpted in Bali using traditional Indonesian craft techniques. Freya Rose being an advocate for traditional craft working with the same artisan shoe couturiers in Spain and craftsman families in Bali, now employing 10 jewellers, since starting the business 12 years ago.  

After having received such a positive response to the jewelled shoes, Freya Rose launched her first Demi-fine jewellery collection in April last year. Implementing the same concepts applied to the timeless shoe designs, this inaugural collection was to be versatile, wearable and ethically sourced featuring modern, elegant and light-to-wear pieces. 


Freya Rose in 2022…

Freya Rose’s Jewellery collection earned a warm response and even catching the eye of royalty. The Duchess-worthy ‘Gold Mini hoops with Detachable Pearls’ ,worn by Kate Middleton herself on numerous occassions, naturally became a popular design amongst the new and exciting collection of beautiful statement earrings. 


Freya was inspired by her iconic gold earrings to create the ‘Woven for Women Mini Hoops’ as a contribution The Prince’s Trust #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE initiative for International Women’s Day. 

Having the honour of working with a plethora of incredible women from all sorts of backgrounds over the years, Freya felt passionately about contributing to this cause. 
"When I discovered the traditional technique used to create my new Woven Mini Hoops, I instantly resonated with the idea that the woven nature of the craft represents the power in women supporting women and how a single piece, when connected with other alike forces, can create such strength” - Freya Rose 

Using a traditional East Indonesian technique to craft these earrings, this piece perfectly incorporates her passion for women supporting women, whilst preserving traditional craft. For every purchase of these hoops made on International Women's Day, Freya Rose London will donate £10.00 to The Prince’s Trust #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE initiative and £5.00 thereafter!

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