2024 Emmy's Red Crapet Best Dressed and Trends From The Stars

2024 Emmy's Red Crapet Best Dressed and Trends From The Stars

The awards season is fully underway and as we look to last nights Emmy 'red' carpet we were once again struck by the stars and their opulent occasion wear! As always celebrities are opting for the bold and glamorous, and in their unique choices the trends forming have us brimming with excitement. Check out favourite looks from the red carpet and the standout sartorial hue leading the way for 2024. 

Going Green 

We've said it before and we're saying it again - we just can't get enough of celebs embracing green occasion wear! Taylor Swift lead the way at the Golden Globes last week and now the likes of Jessica Chastain is going green! The multiple tones of the organic hue donned on this year's Emmy scene showcase the fun and opulence of the statement colour. All those opting for green gowns are notably styling their looks with complimentary green accessories. From Emeralds to Peridots the luxe tones of the precious and semi precious green jewels provide the looks with the perfect finishing touches. Check out below our favourite green celeb looks form the Emmys and our beloved Freya Rose green occasion shoes and crystal jewellery to follow the celeb style.
Jessica Chastain commanding the entire room's attention in an exquisite beaded lime green gown Gucci.

Freya favourite celebs 'Going Green' at the Emmys 2024


Green Occasion Shoes

Our Green Occasion Shoes, Cher Verde and Zahra Verde epitomise opulence, and are the perfect choice to complement a wide range of evening and event outfits. The luxe green hue effortlessly transitions from daytime events to evening soirées, offering a versatile accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to your ensembles. Whether paired with a cocktail dress or a formal gown, our unique mother of pearl green shoes stand out as a timeless and elegant choice. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship of the pearl heels further elevates their appeal, ensuring they seamlessly blend with various styles while making a lasting impression.

Shop Cher Verde and Zahra Verde

Green Jewellery

Our Green Jewellery continues the theme of versatility with a unique and striking flair. The three pieces that stand out to us for the green trend are our: Green Quartz Cross Earrings, Green Quartz Necklace and Myla Verde. They're original green accessories designed to be conversation starters, effortlessly enhancing the allure of any outfit. The use of vibrant green quartz and abalone shell makes these pieces a bold statement in their own right and beautifully reflect the wearer's individuality. The versatility of these accessories shines through, making them equally suitable for a casual gathering or a glamorous event.

Shop Green Quartz Cross EarringsGreen Quartz Necklace and Myla Verde.

Green Clutch Bags

Completing the ensemble, our Green Clutch Bags - Persephone and Jaya Green, are the perfect finishing touch for those who dare to make a bold statement. We think of our clutch bags more than merely accessories; they are a fashion statement that command attention. The unique design, and intricate craftsmanship, combined with the rich green colour, ensures that the clutch bags stand out in a crowd, adding an element of luxury to any outfit. From formal galas to lively celebrations, these clutch bags effortlessly tie the entire look together, making them an essential and versatile addition to any wardrobe.


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