Beautiful Gifts for Christmas Under £100

Beautiful Gifts for Christmas Under £100

Gift-giving is something we really enjoy doing for those we love. However, it comes with an element of reciprocity even if we don't feel that our loved ones have to spend the same on us as we did on them. With the spiralling cost of living increases, many families are setting a budget for gift giving, so we have come up with some beautiful gifts for Christmas that are all under £100 to fit your budget.

Rice pearl necklace

Stunning and delicate, the rice pearl necklace is a twist on the more traditional size often seen in a pearl bracelet or necklace. The small and delicate rice pearls have been hamstrung and have a very regal look and feel. It is the perfect subtle statement piece that oozes beauty and has been inspired by the elaborate opulence of Tudor jewellery. It is strong with 22-carat gold 3-micron plated silver vermeil chain and can be paired with so many outfits that your recipient is sure to love it.


Silver Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls

These gorgeous silver pearl earrings give you five different looks for under £100. A delicate silver hoop is strung with five pearl charms on each side, all of which can be removed. So you could wear them as a plain silver hoop or any combination of charms to create a unique look. Statement silver earrings that make the transition from day to night seamless. You could even move the charms to a bracelet and make some unique pearl bracelet charm jewellery.

Mother of Pearl Gold Star Pendant 

The perfect way to refresh an older piece of jewellery, a necklace or bracelet, is to add a beautiful charm. Charm jewellery is versatile and stunning, with the delicate creations in our signature mother-of-pearl suitable for moving from piece to piece. There is something magical about the lustrous shimmer of mother of pearl, and the gorgeous star shape is perfectly reminiscent of the night sky. We also have a mother-of-pearl moon, cross and heart, and you could purchase any two and still come in on budget.

Woven for Women Mini Hoops

These beautiful earrings are hand crocheted with gold vermeil and form part of our woven for women charity initiative. 5% profit from every sale is split between the Prince's Trust and our Bali charity to support women from every background in entrepreneurial endeavours. We want to help women succeed against adversity, lack of training, or insufficient funds. In the meantime, your loved one can enjoy these beautiful open-hooped earrings, which have a timeless and unique look while being subtle and not overstated.

Hammered Gold Baroque Pearl Earrings

Unusually shaped yet refined and distinctive, these gorgeous hammered gold pearl earrings are made in sterling silver with 22-carat gold plating and have a single beautiful baroque pearl on each side. No two pearls are ever the same, and therefore each pair of these gorgeous pearl earrings is totally unique, making them the perfect present for someone special.

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