Freya's Favourite Gifts for the Women in Her Life: Christmas Gift Inspiration For Her

Freya's Favourite Gifts for the Women in Her Life: Christmas Gift Inspiration For Her

The holiday season is upon us, and as the air becomes filled with the crisp scent of pine and the warmth of festive lights, it's time to embrace the joy of giving. Christmas is not just a season; it's a canvas for expressing love and appreciation through carefully selected gifts that carry both elegance and sentiment. From pearl bracelets that exude classic charm to dazzling crystal jewellery that captures the essence of modern luxury, there's a piece for every women and to help make your gifting this Christmas a little easier, I've rounded up my favourite designs for the women in you life based on what I'd gift those special to me.

For Your Mum

Mothers and Mother figures in your lives are the ones throughout that are always spoiling everyone else; with their time, love and generosity. Each Christmas I find it particularly important to treat my mum, and mother-in-law with a gift that reflects how special they are! For your Mum and the Mother figures in your life I would always recommend timeless jewellery that they can wear from day to night. 

For Your Daughter or Niece

The bond shared between a Mother and Daughter/ Auntie and Niece is one unlike any other. The boundless love and truly unique connection as they're growing into young women makes gift giving so exciting. As your little girl flourishes I think Christmas is a magical time to gift her an heirloom piece of jewellery she'll treasure and look back on with a twinkle in her eyes.

For Yourself

Although this blog post is set to inspire your gifts for the other women in you life, I couldn't help be include YOU! As women we by nature put others before ourselves and Christmas is the one time I feel most worthy of a self-love spoil, because we deserve it and why shouldn't we? This year my favourite pieces to express your individual style are:

For Your Friend

Friends come in all different forms and just like those women that enrich our lives in different ways, they all deserve a present as unique as they are!  Below are some of my top picks for those that are special enough to call a friend:
Your Fabulous Friend - Seed and Baroque Pearl Large Hoops
Your Elegant Friend - Rose Baroque Pearl Drops
Your Fashion-Forward Friend - Myla Ivory

To Say 'Thank You'

There are many women in or lives that throughout the year support us in a number of ways - big and small. I think Christmas is the perfect time to say 'Thank You' with a gift that'll show them how much you appreciate their continuous kindness and support. 

For Your Eco Warrioress

I've championed supporting traditional craftsmanship and ethical practice from the beginning of my design career and which is a philosophical thread I've sewn into Freya Rose's core values since it's establishment in 2010. From then I've continued to design innovatively, reimagining ancient craft techniques and dying artforms within jewellery making to offer my community of like-minded women, beautiful, contemporary pieces that reflect our personal morals and integrity. For women that share my passion and would love jewellery to support this message, our latest Warrioress collection is perfect.

For Your Business Buddy

Aside from you family, your colleagues are those you spend most amount of time with and those that make your days or even make them a little brighter at work shouldn't be forgotten. Check out a few of my favourite pieces for your favourite work friend below:

For Your Soul Sister

I've been lucky enough in life to meet a women that, right from our first meeting, has been like a sister to me - it's as though our souls were meant to find one another. But how do you find a gift worthy of someone who's been there through it all, thick and thin, no matter what? My most loved pieces for this kind of women are our Celestial collection - jewellery with sentimental symbolism and beauty:
Star and Moon Mini Hoops, Paua Moon Necklace, Moon Pearl Charm, Adjustable Star Bracelet

For Your Bride-to-Be

Is there anything more suited for a Bride-to-Be than a 'Something Blue' Christmas gift? For those that embrace the tradition or simply adore the tranquil hues, our beautiful Blue Topaz jewellery makes for a beloved present she'll treasure forever.

For Your Bridesmaids

Finding a gift to suit all your bridesmaids, whether you have many or only a couple, can sometimes be tricky. When looking for a gift for my bridesmaids, I knew I wanted something timeless that would be a piece they'd all love - it was most difficult to find than I first thought. When designing the below pieces I kept this in mind:

For Your Best Friend

 unwavering support and kindness of best friends deserves to be celebrated with a token of gratitude. The below pieces are ones I'm choosing from this year for my best friend!
And last, but never least...

For Your Sister

Through thick and thin, she's been there, offering love, understanding, and laughter. The holiday season is, I think, perfect to express your gratitude with a thoughtful gift that reflects the depth of your appreciation for her unwavering, grounding, presence in your life. Arguably a person who often deserves the biggest spoil as your love so often goes unspoken, my favourite gift for your sister this year is our beautiful, statement Athena clutch bag. A completely hand-crafted designer bag, made from exquisite Mother of Pearl.

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