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How to get Lady Gaga's 'House of Gucci' look

Wanting to be as glamorous as Gaga in House of Gucci? Here are the looks we went totally gaga for and how to style them...

house of gucci lady gaga designer jewellery

A cinematic highlight of 2021 for the fashion world, is the much-anticipated release of the House of Gucci film coming this late November. Based on “The House Of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed” book by Sara Gay Forde, we get an insider look on the Gucci fashion empire.

A film surrounding characters obsessed with power and luxury, means we can assure there’s an incredible wardrobe to go with it as teased in the house of gucci trailer. Lady Gaga  is dressed nothing less of immaculate with designer outfits, as she portrays the infamous Patrizia Reggiani married to Maurizio Gucci, teased in the .

While the lavish styling is one, we would not dare fault, what truly elevates these looks are the luxurious jewellery pairings. Think more is always more, as we see no lack of dramatic pearl earrings or vintage gold jewellery.

Here are the jewelled looks from lady gaga house of gucci we loved and how to style them with Freya Rose to get that Gaga glamour!


house of gucci stills lady gaga bridal fashion luxury jewellery

Gaga in a beautiful bridal scene can be seen adorning eye-catching pearl statement earrings with a delicate gold necklace to match, radiating that subtle but luxury feel. We would style this look for our very own with the ‘Hammered Gold Baroque Pearl Earrings’ with a ‘Baroque Pearl 18ct Gold Vermeil Necklace’

gold jewellery pearl necklace designer earrings
If you’re wanting a pearl moment with an added level of flare, our ‘Pearly Drop Hoops’ or long pearl earrings ‘Baroque Pearl Long Drops’  are the perfect balance of pearl and power.

pearl earrings designer jewellery gold


lady gaga house of gucci designer jewellery gold gems

Gemmed pieces were not missing in this film and donning a diamond collared necklace with black detailing these coloured crystal gems complemented Gaga’s chic pink blazer look.

Our black statement earrings ‘Gold and Black Crystal Long Drops’ and ‘Petite Black and Rose Gold Crystal Drops’ provide the glitz and the glamour with these embellished earrings.

black and gold long earrings designer


house of gucci movie lady gaga designer jewellery

Lady Gaga, leant against on-screen husband Adam Driver’s shoulder, sports gold thick mini hoops in this scene.

Hoops are a staple piece for any jewellery set and we adore them. With a variety of styles in our collection the ‘Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls’ and ‘Gold Mini Hoops with Baroque Pearls’  would be our top picks to reiterate this gold hoop look

gold hoops pearl earrings designer jewellery If you prefer a minimalist style, go for our classic ‘Gold Mini Hoops’ earring design instead! 

gold mini hoop earrings jewellery designer LONG EARRINGS

lady gaga house of gucci film designer jewellery earrings

A behind-the-scenes of House of Gucci shot of Gaga shows her dressed in a powerful red dress paired with long draped earrings.

Our long pearl earrings are the perfect drop style choice for this tiered earring vision - we style this with any of the ‘Long Rose Gold Pearl Drop’, ‘Silver Pear Long Drop’ and ‘South Sea Pearl Long Drop’

designer earrings long pearls  BIG SHAPES

lady gaga house of gucci film fashion designer jewellery gold necklace

Luxury vintage jewellery has iconic robust shapes to provide decadence in the details. We see Gaga wearing a statement golden chain necklace bound with intricately detailed triangle shaping.

Freya Rose’s jewellery collection also prides itself on the beauty of its innovative and opulent designs. As seen in these gold statement earrings - ‘Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Drops’ and ‘Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Hoop Earrings’, simple shapes can be elevated for an elaborate finish

gold earrings pearl jewellery designer

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