How To Shop Ethically: Luxury Shoes and Jewellery Shopping Made Sustainable

How To Shop Ethically: Luxury Shoes and Jewellery Shopping Made Sustainable

Today and every day we proudly move with the tide of slow-fashion. In our modern world it's empowering to see so many now embracing more mindful ways to shop in order to keep up with trends, challenging outdated views and buying habits. For World Earth Day we wanted to highlight and share our top tips on how to shop ethically to positively impact what your wardrobe says about you. 

1. Shop with Trusted Brands

Online shopping is quick and easy, but in order to remain mindful when considering purchasing with a brand look for the signs of a trusted brand:
-  Transparency, do they openly share their values? Although we appreciate it can be extremely difficult to tick all boxes, efforts in the support of human rights, fair trade and or the use of eco materials are all values a trustworthy brand would proudly make easily available to their consumers.
- Philanthropic efforts, do they give back? Understanding charitable efforts from brands helps you identify if you align with the causes they support and in turn their overarching values.
- Reputation, do they encourage testimonials? Authentic customer reviews offer a quick understanding into the standards of product and service a brand has to offer. Onsite reviews and external review websites, such as Trustpilot, are both important to help you make informed choices.  

2. Quality over Quantity

Contemporary mindsets are leading the way by shopping for quality over quantity. That means buying a piece to last, one that you'll love wearing today, tomorrow and for years to come. Look closely at the materials used, the craftsmanship and production behind a brand - are they proud of their products origin? If they are, you can be too.

Read our blog post on the 'Craftsmanship, Ethical Values and Timeless Design'.

3. Shop Pre-loved & Rental

A sustainable way to shop, that's gaining in popularity over buying new, is hunting for a second-hand gem - because trends always come back around after all! By shopping second-hand you're supporting the movement towards a future of circular fashion; establishing a looping cycle, reducing waste, and maximising the lifespan of fashion. Nowadays luxury second hand has become incredibly accessible, you just need to know where to look. You can find a beautiful rental offering of Freya Rose through our partnership with My Wardrobe HQ.

Shop Rental Freya Rose

4. Look at Eco Footprint

Accessibility of international brands is easier than ever when shopping online, which is incredible when you can't find a piece anywhere else in the world, however this means you need to become more aware of the environmental footprint you support. Before making an overseas purchase, look to see if that brand shares anything about their shipping process. At Freya Rose, we're proud to use DHL and their Go-Green worldwide environmental protection programme which aims to reduce and avoid the emission of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants.

5. To Treasure Forever

Shopping for designer or luxury items are inherently more sustainable because of the nature in their quality design, craftsmanship and timeless appeal. If an item is one you'll treasure forever, it'll undoubtedly become and heirloom piece that, if taken care of, can be passed down, reworn and cherished for generations to come. 

Discover our collections of ethical shoes and ethical jewellery to treasure forever.

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