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Our Top Tips on Planning A Memorable Micro Wedding

What is a micro wedding? A micro wedding is a wedding with a small amount of guests - typically less than 20. Trending even before Covid, just because there’s fewer people, doesn’t mean it’s any less special. Read our top tips from Freya Rose for planning your micro wedding.
Location, Location, Location
What's great about a micro wedding? A smaller guest list opens up more venue options. Think of all the beautiful tinier locations you may have overlooked. Outdoor steps at gorgeous local historic spots, like your town hall or library are unconventional but fantastic choices now open for micro weddings. 
Restaurants and cafes will easily fit a micro-wedding, plus they already are event ready. Choose your favourite restaurant or cafe where and your betrothed met, you won’t have to spend long amounts of time looking to rent chairs and tables - that’s precious time you could be spending looking for your dream wedding heels.   We’ll help you save even more time - our ‘Martene Queenchampagne bridal shoes are perfect wedding heels for elegant brides. These shimmer leather champagne heels also feature an opulent pearl and crystal trim for extra sparkle, so wherever you get married, you can arrive in elegant shoes.
Treat Yourself
A micro wedding means your budget just opened up.  Spend what you would have spent on hundreds of guests on making your wedding even more special.  
 Can’t stop thinking about those perfect shoes? Make your micro wedding budget work for you and treat yourself to dream bridal heels, like our ‘Celine Ivory’ white wedding heels. Made of silk satin in a timeless court shoe style, these ivory wedding heels also feature a glamorous crystal embellishment made of Swarovski elements - fit for a princess.
Memorable Menus
Make the most of a micro wedding by creating a truly special menu for a smaller guest list. Showcase great local ingredients, design creative canapes, and cupid inspired cocktails for an unforgettable, and romantic day.
Make your day even more memorable in fabulous bridal heels. Our ‘Martina Rosa’ pink pearl heels are statement wedding shoes for super stylish brides. Stand out from the crowd with these pink designer bridal heels that your guests won’t forget, and you’ll treasure forever.
Precious Memories
It’s important to make sure your micro wedding guest list includes a photographer or videographer to document the day. You’ll want to share pictures so anyone you couldn’t invite can see your special day. Make sure you’ll treasure your pictures forever by wearing timeless styles to your micro-wedding. There’s no way you’ll want to hide a photo album with pictures as nice as our ‘Fefe Princess,’ white bridal shoes. These sandal style ivory bridal heels are made with an exquisite heel embellishment which uses crystals to create a stunning feature on the back of the shoe.
'Fefe Princess,' £345
Think Small
A micro wedding means it’s easier for you to support local businesses. Your hometown florist or bakery could be the answer to beautiful flowers or wedding cakes if your venue and guest list is smaller due to a micro wedding. Match stunningly designed bouquets with floral shoes. Our ‘Soraya Ivory’ bridal heels are elegant white leather wedding shoes with an opulent floral motif inlaid in pearl and brass. Tres luxe.
Personal Touches
Keep loved ones with you in other ways - your Nonna in Italy might not be able to make it to your wedding, but she could send you a piece of jewellery in the post (we recommend you make sure it’s tracked) you could wear with you down the aisle. Make your something borrowed count by wearing something from a loved one that can’t make it to your micro wedding, and make your something blue count by wearing memorable blue bridal shoes.
We love our silk satin ‘Charlie’ blue bridal shoes to add luck, and a luxurious sky blue hue to your shoes.
Dress Up
Microwedding doesn’t mean micro-style. Embrace the opportunity to leave the house, and ensure you are dressed for the occasion with a statement dress. We adore Jenny Packham's latest bridal collection of truly special dresses. Match a dress like 'Anice' with statement shoes like our ‘Charlie Rosette’ ivory bridal heels.

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