Our Exquisite ‘Peridot Charms’- Crystal Designer Jewellery For August Birthstone Gifting & Everyday Styling Ideas - Freya Rose Pearl Shoes and Jewellery

Our Exquisite ‘Peridot Charms’- Crystal Designer Jewellery For August Birthstone Gifting & Everyday Styling Ideas

We are thrilled to share Freya Rose's new designer jewellery collection with you and how you can style our stunning 'Peridot charm' for a unique statement this summer! 

Peridot's are the birthstone for August and associated with abundance and good fortune - making them the perfect gift for your loved ones or even a little treat for yourself. The versatile nature of our alluring new charms allows them to be detached and interchangeable with our beautiful new selection of dazzling, eye-catching charms that are available from our 'Woven for Women' collection.

Discover our beautiful ‘Peridot Charm’ £80

Our peridot charms are from Freya’s ‘Woven for Women’ collection where 5% of every sale made will be donated to two timely initiatives: The Prince’s Trust #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE campaign that supports young women’s futures in the UK and Freya’s personal initiative to provide women in Bali with greater opportunities to learn how to make jewellery and keep the country’s traditional craft techniques alive.

Having been supported by The Prince’s Trust herself, Freya now wants to help support this life-changing charity which champions young entrepreneurial individuals and enables them to realise their business dreams regardless of their background.


Look no further! Here are our favourite designer jewellery accessories featuring the delightful 'Peridot Charm'

'Woven Mini Hoops With Peridot Charms'

'Mini Weave Hoops With Peridot Charm' are a perfect way to add feminine flair to any outfit. They are a go-to accessory for your office attire or pairing them with a gorgeous floaty maxi skirt for brunch out with the girls! The lightweight intricate design of the East Indonesian craftsmanship will bring a contemporary and classy addition to your everyday styling.
Shop 'Woven Mini Hoops With Peridot Charm' £225

'Peridot Charm’ With ‘Gold Mini Hoops’ 

Our 22ct gold vermeil 'Mini Hoops' are a timeless addition to your crystal jewellery collection. Pair these with our 'Peridot Charm' for an extra sparkle to your everyday styling. They would look amazing styled with a floaty summery floral midi dress or add a pop of colour to your classic mini dress for an eventful night out with your girlfriends- classy and striking! 

Shop ‘Peridot Charm’ £80 and ‘Gold Mini Hoops’ £85

‘Peridot Charm’ With ‘Gold Vermeil Necklace’

 Our classic 'Gold Vermeil Necklace' paired with our 'Peridot Charm' gives a delicate and modern touch to your everyday outfit. Our charm necklace will be a wonderful addition for a feminine V-line dress or an elegant wrap dresses that you can wear for your glamorous evening soiree. 

Shop ‘Peridot Charm’ £80 and ‘Gold Vermeil Necklace’ £65

Styling ideas for everyday styling to wear our beautiful designer crystal jewellery - here are some of our favourites!


 Let us know which everyday styling is your favourite!

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