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Discover Beautiful Designer Charm Jewellery Garnet, July Birthstone Gifting Ideas

We are so excited to introduce our new 'Garnet Charm', that is part of the ‘Woven for Woman’ collection! 
These flamboyant red garnet gemstones are known for their meaning of love and friendship due to the association with the heart and it is the birthstone for July. Making this beautiful gemstone the ultimate July birthday gift.
Shop 'Garnet Charm' £70
Freya’s ‘Woven for Woman’ collection is a unique selection of exquisite and contemporary designs that represents the power of woman supporting woman. 
“The concept behind the weave is that whilst light, delicate and feminine, it holds such strength- reflecting how woman are much stronger together” - Founder and Designer Freya Rose
Each hand crafted piece is crocheted by artisan jewellers using a distinctive, now specialist technique, that only a small number of talented craftsman can make.  
5% of sales made from the ‘Woven for Women’ collection will be donated to two timely initiatives: The Princes Trust and #CHANGEAGIRLSLIFE campaign that supports young woman’s futures in the UK and Freya’s personal initiative, which will provide woman in Bali, with greater opportunities to learn how to make jewellery and keep the countries traditional craft alive. 
The versatile nature of our new charms means that they can be interchanged with our selection of beautiful charms that are available in our 'Woven for Woman' collection.
These garnet charms of dreams can be worn again and again, making them a timeless addition to your accessory collection or an amazing gift (especially for all of you with a July birthday).

Pair 'Garnet Charms' with unique Freya Rose jewellery pieces; so you can create your perfect charm accessory to treasure forever- here are our favourites!

 1. 'Weave Mini Hoops With Garnet Charm'

This beautiful dazzling detachable gemstone catches the light so beautifully, they will look amazing on our new 'Weave Mini Hoops'. These unique handcrafted East Indonesian craft in 22CT gold Vermeil are a glamourous statement for any extravagant occasion. Style these unique dainty earrings with a gorgeous floral floaty dress for a feminine summery look. 
Shop 'Woven Mini Hoops with Garnet Charm' £245

2. 'Garnet Charm' paired with 'Gold Vermeil Necklace' 

Our exquisite 'Garnet Charm' gemstone will look so elegant hanging from our '22ct Gold Vermeil Necklace',  when the glistening light catches the gemstone, it adds extra sparkle to a sweetheart neckline dress so you can celebrate your evening soiree in style. 

Shop 'Garnet Charm' £70 and '22CT Gold Vermeil Necklace' £65 

3. 'Garnet Charm' paired with 'Gold Mini Hoops'

Our gorgeous 'Gold Mini Hoops' made from 22ct gold vermeil will look timeless with our eye-catching 'Garnet Charms' is the essential feminine accessory that will be a delightful asset to your jewellery collection. Style these with a contemporary modern outfit for an added glistening touch to your everyday look. 

Shop 'Gold Mini Hoops' £85 and 'Garnet Charm' £70

We are intrigued to find out what you would pair our 'Garnet Charms' with, let us know your favourites! 

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