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Freya's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Pearl Jewellery for June Birthstone Gifting

Over the decades, pearl jewellery has remained a staple piece found in women's jewellery collections over the decades, all over the world. Pearl jewellery remain timeless and chic which is why it will never go out of style or be out of trend. Freya Rose’s jewellery collection reinvents traditional pearled jewellery into unique, modern and contemporary designs for a perfect balance of style and elegance.

Pearls are infamous for holding great significance, with symbolism ranging from peace, wisdom and joyous new beginnings for two - making pearl jewellery the perfect wedding gift full of thoughtful meaning. This beautiful and naturally formed material is not special for wishing newly weds prosperity, it is also popularly known as the June birthstone. Cancer and Gemini star signs who celebrate their birthday in June, are advised to wear one birthstone , pearl, for good-luck.

Pearl jewellery makes the perfect gifting idea whether you are wanting to show someone you love them, gift for a wedding or treat yourself to some!

Read on for the pearled jewellery pieces the Freya Rose Team would gift and love to be gifted…

Pearl Jewellery for a Boho-Chic Style 

For the someone who loves bohemian jewellery with chic elevation, that they can wear to any occasion; the delicate but beautiful style  ’Pearly Drop Hoops’ - are a handmade 22ct rose gold hoop with hand threaded freshwater seed pearls and a sizeable baroque pearl for a subtle statement.  

 Shop 'Pearly Drop Hoops' £145

Another popular boho-chic design is our 'Pearl and Mother of Pearl Pear Drops,' with a strong pear shaped out of Mother of Pearl, adorned with simple freshwater seed pearls onto 22ct gold vermeil for a cool bohemian style that can be worn up or down. 

Shop Pearl and Mother of Pearl Pear Drops £95

Pearl Jewellery for a Modern Style

'Handcarved Mother of Pearl Rose Hoops' are the ultimate modern pearled style that perfectly blends contemporary and feminine style. The traditionally feminine tones in the opulent 22ct Rose Gold vermeil, is effortlessly matched with the modern feel of a hand-carved rose onto iridescent ivory mother of pearl. 


Shop 'Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Hoops' £130

For modern pearl jewellery, that also appreciates timeless silhouettes go for the 'Gold Weave Mini Hoops with Baroque Pearl'. Whilst some may say classic in style, these contemporary hoops are perfect for the modern woman because of its unique weave. A true symbol of feminism every strand of wire is said to symbolise women and the strength they hold as a unit - hand crafted by skilled artisan jewellers using an ancestral Eastern Indonesian technique, the craftsmanship of these pearled earrings work in unison with its innovative and distinctive design.


Shop Gold Weave Mini Hoops with Baroque Pearl £125


Pearl Jewellery for a Statement Style

Big statement earrings have been on-trend for the last few seasons as a must-have piece, so why not gift the celestial wonder that are the ‘Celestial Mother of Pearl Gold Star’ earrings for a star-studded statement piece. Adored by celebs like Jodie Whittaker, these hand-cut earrings are sure to catch eyes as the gently sway with its wearer.


Shop Celestial Mother of Pearl Gold Star £95 

For those who prefer a long drop earring, ‘Hakuro Ivory Mother of Pearl Long Drops’ (also available in Grey) are a stunning statement style piece that can be worn for bridal or occasion-wear alike. Featuring the most delicate seed pearls strung on a gold chain, adorned onto a half moon shaped piece of mother of pearl , these hand-beaded tassel earrings are a breathtaking pair of lightweight earrings everyone should own!

Shop Hakuro Ivory Mother of Pearl Long Drops £148.50

Pearl Jewellery for a Classic Style

For classic and everyday style pearl jewellery opt for the ‘Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls’ - a duchess favourite! One of our bestselling styles, these earrings are not only wearable no matter the occasion you are styling them for, they are very versatile with a detachable option you can have as many or as little pearls as you desire on your hoops. 


Shop Gold Mini Hoops with Detachable Pearls £95

A beautiful piece of pearl jewellery would be our ‘Baroque Pearl 22ct Gold Vermeil Necklace’ - This unique freshwater Baroque pearl hangs delicately on a gold chain for a classic and delicate piece that you will always reach for. The beauty of classic pieces of jewellery are their wearability and this necklace can be worn with extra charms for a fun and personal look or worn as is, to reiterate the natural beauty of its wearer.

 Shop Baroque Pearl 22ct Gold Vermeil Necklace £95

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