The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Choosing your perfect wedding jewellery is the final finishing touch to bring your whole bridal look together, so we know how essential it is to get this right! Whether you want to combine gemstones, crystals or pearls the choices are endless so how can you choose? We have put together our ultimate guide to choosing the perfect wedding jewellery by sharing our tips for matching your wedding jewellery with your dress, wedding décor or theme for your wedding day. 
Wearing pearls on your wedding day has been part of tradition for brides and is the oldest jewellery trend dating back to the Ancient Greeks. They symbolise bridal purity and promises of a happy marriage. Pearls add a beautiful touch of class and grace to your wedding styling which is why they are strong contender for the perfect bridal jewellery. Our unique pearl jewellery collection has a beautiful selection of contemporary designs to ensure you feel special when you wear our necklaces, earrings or bracelets down the aisle. 
Just because pearls are traditional, doesn't mean they are the only option for your wedding jewellery. We also love our crystal and gemstone collection and think they would equally compliment your wedding attire and add that extra sparkle that brides are looking for. There are so many types of crystals and gemstones that have different meanings from Rose Quartz symbolising unconditional love to Blue Topaz representing eternal love. You can personalise your wedding day with crystal and gemstone jewellery by bringing different meanings into your day that represents your love as a couple. 
Let’s explore our top bridal jewellery tips for choosing your ideal wedding accessories for your intimate affair! 

Matching your wedding jewellery with your dress

There are a variety of elements to think about when choosing your wedding jewellery to ensure that they compliment your dress, from colour to the style and details. The key thing to remember is to keep true to your style and what you think would work best for you. We do want to make this process as stress-free as possible on your lead up to your wedding, so here are our top recommendations for matching your bridal jewellery to your dress. 

1. Think about the neckline of your dress To accentuate your wedding jewellery

When thinking about your wedding jewellery you need to take into account the neckline of your bridal dress. If you have chosen a V-neck gown or off the shoulder wedding dress then you can add a bridal necklace. We have a gorgeous selection of bridal necklaces that you can choose from.
Our classic 'Baroque Pearl Necklace' is the perfect detail to add to your wedding styling; due to their beautiful natural shape. The necklace is made from 22 CT gold vermeil with a genuine baroque pearl.
Shop Baroque Pearl Necklace 
Our seed and rice pearl necklaces will also be a beautiful addition to any bridal styling as there are a variety of pendants and charms to add onto them to make them compliment your dress beautifully. In particular our 'Seed Pearl Necklace with Mother of Pearl Heart Charm' would look beautiful with an ivory lace detailed dress.
Shop Seed Necklace with heart charm 
On the other hand if you chose a high neckline bridal dress, then a pair of beautiful eye-catching bridal earrings would compliment your wedding dress perfectly. Our ‘Seed and Baroque Pearl Large Hoop’ or 'Seed and Baroque Pearl Mid Hoop' earrings from our Chelsea Collection, for a gorgeous feminine contemporary finishing touch to your overall bridal look.
Shop seed and baroques pearl large hoops
Shop seed and baroques pearl mid hoops

2. Match The Colour Of your Dress With your Wedding accessories- gold or silver jewellery

The colour of your dress is also a determining factor when choosing your wedding jewellery as you may want to match them together or add a bold contrasting statement that complements your dress beautifully and enhances the colours that appear in your wedding dress. 
Champagne and Ivory coloured wedding dresses are perfect paired with gold jewellery.  We have the perfect earrings for your special day as we have our bestselling pearl jewellery in gold and silver! Whereas if you have a creamier white dress then silver jewellery would be the perfect combination for your bridal styling. 
Hakuro Ivory Mother of Pearl Long Drops” will ensure that you have a beautiful statement bridal earrings for your special day. Hakuro Ivory has a unique mother of pearl moon with seed pearl tassels that have been intricately handcrafted by talented artisans in Bali.
Shop Hakuro Ivory Mother of Pearl Long Drops 
Our ‘Baroque Pearl Long Drops’ are a modern twist on a traditional pearl earring with baroque and seed pearls that cascading throughout the earring to make a beautiful unique tassel design that will be sure to make a breath-taking statement for your walk down the aisle. 
Shop Baroque Pearl Long Drops Gold 
Shop Baroque Pearl Long Drops Silver
Gemstones and crystals will be able to bring out any colours that appear in your wedding dress because there are no rules for what colour dress you go for. If you were to opt for a green wedding dress our 'Green Quartz Cross Earrings' that will add an elegant sparkle to your bridal styling.
Shop Green Quartz Cross Earrings 
If you wanted to pick bridal earrings for the ideal ‘something blue’ as a gorgeous contrasting colour to your wedding dress then our 'Blue Topaz Cross Earrings' would look exquisite with your bridal styling. Both of these earrings are 22 CT gold vermeil and handmade with genuine gemstones and seed pearls to create this gorgeous one-of-a-kind cross design that you can treasure forever.
Shop Blue Topaz Cross Earrings 

4. Match your Wedding accessories with the details of your dress 

Small details are a vital element to your bridal dress, so why not match your dress details with your wedding jewellery? It is the perfect way to bring those gorgeous finishing touches to your bridal look that are cohesive and blend naturally with each other. 
If your dress is covered with intricate floral details then our elegant handcrafted floral earrings will compliment those details beautifully. Our ‘Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Drops’ and ‘Hand Carved Mother of Pearl Rose Hoops’ are inspired by roses and these would be the perfect bridal jewellery statement to enhance the floral details in your bridal gown.
Shop Hand Carved Rose Drops
Shop Hand Carved Rose Hoops
Embellished wedding dresses perfectly match our striking selection of crystal jewellery and will elevate your bridal look by adding even more dazzling sparkle to your bridal styling. Our beautiful range of Crystal Long Drops available in gold, gold and black and silver so you can feel confident that you will find the right colours that will match the embellishments in your dress! They are made from Cubic Zirconia crystals and are inspired by a silhouette of an open flower. 
Shop Gold Crystal Long Drops 
Shop Silver Crystal Long Drops 
Shop Gold and Black Crystal Long Drops 

Matching your wedding Jewellery with your wedding venue or theme

The alternative way you can choose your wedding jewellery is to your weddings theme or décor. Do you have a colour theme at your wedding venue or will the type of wedding enable you to make the perfect choice for your wedding jewellery? With this in mind, we have some gorgeous bridal jewellery that will help you make the right decision for your wedding day. 

1. Match your bridal jewellery with your wedding décor details

Are there specific colours that you are incorporating into your wedding décor that you could bring into your wedding jewellery? If you are adding little touches of blue, then our beautiful collection of ‘something blue’ jewellery could effortlessly bring your décor and bridal look together. We have a stunning ‘Seed Pearl Necklace with Blue Topaz Cross’ that brings together pearls and gemstones effortlessly to create a mesmerizing statement piece, the compliments you’ll receive will be endless.
Shop seed necklace with blue topaz cross
We have a beautiful selection of gemstones to ensure that any colours you would like to combine with the décor will be enhanced in your wedding jewellery styling. From garnet charms to rose quartz charms there is a colour for any colour scheme. You can add these charms to our beautiful ‘gold mini hoops’ or ‘woven mini hoops’ to add beautiful textures and colours for your wedding styling. 
Shop Weave Mini hoops with garnet charm 
Shop Weave Mini hoops with rose quartz charm 

2. Consider the theme of your wedding and match this with your wedding jewellery

For a boho style wedding then matching this with Boho jewellery will allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing look for your wedding day. Our beautiful ‘Pearly Drop Hoops’, ‘Small Pearly Drop Hoops’ are designed for the boho lover. Their intricate seed pearl details are exquisite and feature a beautiful baroque pearl to finish off the look. 
Shop Pearly Drop Hoops
Shop Small Pearly Drops Hoops 
Our stunning ‘Pearl and Mother of Pearl Pear Drops’ also have a beautiful seed pearl design featuring a mother of pearl pear to ensure your bridal earrings make a statement for your bohemian wedding look. 
Shop Pearl and Mother of Pearl Pear Drops 
Glamourous weddings will require more sparkle, crystal jewellery will be your bridal jewellery must-have. We have a beautiful selection of crystal jewellery that will enhance your bridal look; our Midi Crystal Drops selection will be the perfect statement earrings that will ensure heads are turned as you walk down the aisle. We have these styles in gold, black and gold, or silver so you can decide whether you want a bold bridal earrings or wedding jewellery that will match your dress. 
Shop Gold Midi Crystal Drops 
Shop Silver Midi Crystal Drops 
Shop Gold and Black Midi Crystal Drops 
If traditional weddings is your ideal theme, our beautiful pearl jewellery will compliment your church wedding. We have matching pearl bridal necklaces with bridal bracelets made from seed and rice pearls, that will elevate your overall bridal look.
shop rice necklace and matching rice bracelet
shop seed necklace and matching seed bracelet
We also have ‘Delicate Pearl Drop’ Earrings to bring the whole look together with this design in gold and silver; we know that the delicate pearl drops will be an elegant finishing touch for your traditional wedding day jewellery. 
Shop Gold Delicate Pearl Drops
Shop Silver Delicate Pearl Drops
To conclude,
The most important tip to take away with you when you are choosing your wedding jewellery is to make sure that your bridal necklaces, earrings or bracelets are allowing your own individual style to shine throughout your overall wedding look. Whether you are choosing black, silver or gold jewellery, pearls or crystals, you get to decide how you want to look for your wedding day. Follow wedding jewellery trends and styles if you want to, but don’t feel that this is your only option for bringing your visions to life. Think about your wedding theme, décor and wedding dress details to choose your bridal jewellery and don’t be afraid to break the rules with bold statement pieces! You will have the confidence knowing that Freya's collection of unique jewellery pieces are wearable works of art that you can treasure forever!

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