Unique Green Jewellery Handcrafted with Beautiful Abalone Shell

Unique Green Jewellery Handcrafted with Beautiful Abalone Shell

At Freya Rose, our  pearl jewellery is not just an accessory; it's a testament to the natural wonders that inspire us. Have you ever wondered what lends our pearl jewellery its mesmerising green hues? Allow us to take you on a journey through the enchanting world of Paua shells.

What makes our Pearl Jewellery Green?

Our jewellery has beautiful green iridescent hues as it is handcrafted using shells from the Abalone species, more specifically the Paua Shell species. The word paua is a word originally from the Maori tribe in New Zealand, they believe that the Paua shell will bring connectivity and harmony. People also say it is a symbol of change and transition because it can reflect light from the shell. It is an exquisite type of mother-of-pearl which adds colour to any ensemble in an elegant yet unique way.

Our Paua Earrings

Myla Verde

Our Myla Verde earrings are striking green earrings made from a Paua shell with gold-plated detailing. They are the perfect statement pearl earrings that add a pop of colour while intertwining elegance with their sharp geometric shape. 

Mini Hoops With Paua Star And Moon

If you want a smaller statement but still love the uniqueness of the shell, a beautiful pair of pearl earrings such as our hoops may be better suited. These encase the iridescent beauty of the Paua shell while being a versatile jewellery choice for any occasion. 

Paua Necklaces

Warrioress Paua Necklace

As a part of our new collection, this statement necklace turns heads with its bold geometric shaping and stunning colouring. 

Celestial Paua Necklaces

With the deep greens and blues hidden within this shell, there is no better way to show its ethereal look than in the form of a star or a moon pendant on a necklace
Experience the allure of this unique pearl jewellery and let its transformative energy inspire you. Explore our collection and embark on your own journey of elegance and change with Freya Rose.

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