The History Of Green Wedding Shoes | Why Wear Green Wedding Shoes?

The History Of Green Wedding Shoes | Why Wear Green Wedding Shoes?

Green wedding shoes may not be your first thought, but many brides are choosing them for an unique yet elegant look. If you are a boho or modern-thinking bride with a summer or spring wedding, Green Wedding Shoes can compliment a shorter dress to make a statement. However their versatility doesn't stop there. Even with a themed wedding such as a cosy autumnal or winter wonderland vibe, a green shoe could be the perfect look to complement your dress with its deep earthy colours.

The Psychology of Colour

While there may not be a specific origin to the choice of green wedding shoes it has certainly grown in popularity over the last few years for various reasons such as the colour symbolism. Green represents joy, growth and happiness, and combined with a spring wedding when life begins again makes the perfect choice to symbolise the beginning of your commitment as a married couple as you declare your love for each other. 

In certain cultures and regions, green can be seen as a traditional colour choice for some aspects of your wedding attire. For example, in Irish culture, green is associated with luck and can be included in wedding ceremonies to symbolise this. Similarly, in some Asian cultures, green is considered a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Green wedding shoes are certainly ideal for such symbols especially in an outdoor wedding, and you can easily compliment them with bouquets of flowers and greenery, connecting yourself back to mother Earth.

Luxury Bridal Shoes

Another thing causing the growing green wedding shoe trend is brides personal styles, many of our brides want to consider is how they can ensure their stunning, opulent artisan shoes can be worn again in the future. This can be harder with a traditional ivory shoe, but our green luxury bridal shoes are just perfect for other events after your big day has passed, which is why they are gaining such popularity in recent years. Every time you wear these gorgeous shoes, you will be instantly transported back to the happiest day of your life, and those memories are priceless. They can be styled with evening wear for a meal out, or even worn to a friend's wedding, tying them nicely back to the original purpose.

Cher Verde

If you are looking to make a real statement with Green Wedding Shoes, then Cher Verde could be the perfect heel for you. The 5.2-inch block heel comes complete with a 3 cm platform and the most fantastic detailing on the heel. The heels are inlaid with mother-of-pearl and green Abalone and finished with brass in a stunning pattern that is sure to turn heads. The toe strap features a crossed leather design, and the sandal fastens around the ankle with a delicate green strap. The heel glistens and will catch the light sparkling and shimmering with every step you take.

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Zahra Verde

Zahra Verde is a slightly lower 3.5-inch heel with a 3 cm platform. The block heel detailing is unique and stunning with mother-of-pearl, abalone shell, and polished brass. These are such stunning sandals, perfect for brides who may not want a high heel but still want to make a beautiful statement in their bridal attire. Elegant yet unique qualities are captured perfectly in this block heel, made for all brides who want a versatile, gorgeous wedding shoe that they can re-wear far beyond their wedding.

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Arte  is a divine green wedding shoe, they are perfect for making a luxurious statement when you want to include a unique yet glamorous piece into your bridal ensemble. The elegant green and gold mirror-style shoe features a striking geometric design on the pearl heel, carefully curated with brass, mother of pearl and abalone shell, it will have all guests heads turning. The heel height is approximately 13.2cm, with a 3 cm platform so you won't have to compromise on comfort on your wedding day.


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We have loved watching the trend of green wedding shoes gain more and more attention over the years, they are are not only stunning but adaptable and make the perfect choice for any type of weddings.

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