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Mother Of Pearl Shoes

Freya Rose’s historical knowledge and long-term passion for fine jewellery led to a Mother of Pearl heel becoming the signature of Freya Rose’s exquisite designs. A rare and beautiful natural resource used for generations, its lustrous quality has been a desirable element in jewellery making for thousands of years.

Mother Of Pearl is the iridescent nacreous inner shell coating of pearl-producing molluscs, it can be found in both freshwater and saltwater all over the world. Mother of Pearl can naturally form in a variety of colours. Our opulent Mother Of Pearl shoes are all handcrafted by specialist jewellers, each piece of Nacre is expertly hand cut and applied to the heel using resin, each pair of Freya Rose shoes featuring a Mother Of Pearl heel take around 20 hours of craftsmanship to create.     Image of Freya Rose style Lisa, back shot The Freya Rose 'Lisa' heels are made by placing the hand cut  Mother Of Pearl onto the heel using a Parquetry technique, as well as creating a beautiful pattern this technique adds to the strength of the Mother Of Pearl.   Mother Of Pearl is known to be exceptionally durable if cared for, it is advisable to gently clean Mother Of Pearl gemstones with a soft cloth after being worn. Simply use warm water and a mild soap or detergent. Wipe the Mother Of Pearl down using a soft cloth and be sure to rinse them well to remove any soapy residue. Avoid using any harsh chemical or cleaners, such as bleach, ammonia or acid. Prolonged exposure to heat, direct sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuations should be avoided, Mother Of Pearl can be easily scratched by other harder gems and jewellery, so it should be stored separately from other gemstones. We advise storing your Freya Rose shoes featuring a Mother Of Pearl heel safely away in their box between wears in order to avoid scratching. You can find more of our shoe care advice here.     Freya Rose, Designer Shoe, White, Heeled Boot,10cm heel, 4" heel, block heel, pointed toe boot, white leather upper, mother of pearl heel, hand finished, intricate design, British coutureThe Freya Rose style 'Jasmine White' heels are made incorporating multiple coloured Mother Of Pearl and brass detailing - a truly unique design.   Mother Of Pearl has been used for thousands of years but was made popular in the West during the Victorian era where it was used to decorate items such as knife handles, jewellery boxes, buttons and screens. Since then, Mother of Pearl has become most commonly used in Women's and Mens jewellery. “I wanted to incorporate my love, passion and knowledge of jewellery into the designs of Freya Rose shoes, to create the most desirable, timeless and special shoes for such a precious day.” - Freya Rose. Mother Of Pearl makes the perfect addition to a bridal ensemble in the form of accessories such as heels, bracelets and necklaces as it catches the light to show off an array of iridescent colours, and works with a variety of colour schemes.       Freya Rose Mother Of Pearl shoes 'Micola Taupe' feature a breathtaking Mother Of Pearl and polished brass heel. When catching the light, the iridescent Mother Of pearl shines in pink, brown and green hues.   Mother of Pearl is known as a stress relieving stone; it relaxes, calms and soothes the emotions helping them become more harmonious and balanced. It is a stone that brings calm to fearful feelings. Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability, enabling the expression of feelings of love. It is also said to bring clarity to decision making and organisation.