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Comfortable Wedding Shoes To Complete Your Bridal Look: Our Top Tips

Comfortable bridal shoes are a must for wedding days. It’s important to feel your best, so your bridal shoes need to give you support as well as confidence. Read our guide to ensuring your feet feel as good as you do, from vows, to mixing with guests, for pictures, and from your first to your fiftieth dance of the evening.

Prepare your bridal shoes

Whichever wedding shoes  you choose, don’t make the mistake of only wearing them properly when it comes to your wedding day. We recommend wearing bridal shoes around your house before your wedding to break them in. Wearing shoes for 10 minutes a day before your wedding gives a chance for luxury leather shoes to start to mould to your feet.
For extra security, we also recommend only wearing your shoes on carpet floors when breaking them in - so your soles still look squeaky clean for your big day.

Stretching leather and satin bridal shoes out

If you have wider feet or are worried about your shoes being too tight, pinching shoes can be easily remedied. At Freya Rose we can use a shoe stretcher to add extra room to shoes for a perfect fit. Or, you can use the easy trick of wearing thick socks with your new bridal shoes to help wear them in sooner. Add hot air from a hairdryer at the same time to stretch your shoes out at home, so you won't need to worry about blisters on your wedding day.

Satin shoes like our sumptuous ‘Celina Blue’ embellished white court shoes are harder to stretch than leather shoes. We recommend using the hairdryer trick on satin shoes, as it will help to stretch the silk satin fibres, making satin bridal shoes even more comfortable.
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Choose leather shoes for extra comfort

At Freya Rose, our bridal shoes are made with ultra-soft kid leather for an extra comfortable feel on your wedding day. Not only bad for the environment, shoes made of plastic will also not mould to feet, making them less than ideal shoes for wearing all day. Avoid blisters and rubbing with supple leather bridal shoes, like our ‘Martene’ champagne shimmer leather bridal shoes. Our ‘Martene’ shoes also feature our signature opulent pearl heel for added luxury on your wedding day.
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Two shoes are better than one

If you’re a petite bride like Freya Rose, you might be looking for extra height for your ceremony. Freya herself chose to opt for a platform high heel bridal shoe at her own wedding. She then changed into our glamorous silver platform ‘Glory’ shoes for the after party. Both offered a welcome boost of height, but the lower heel height of our ‘Glory’ silver bridal shoes offered extra support as she danced.
Two different heel heights are a good idea to help ensure you find comfortable bridal shoes for every part of your wedding, plus you have the added excuse to have two statement looks for your big day - fashionable brides will rejoice at this tip.

Designer platform wedding shoes are ideal for women looking for height and glamour. The platform portion of the shoe alleviates some of the pressure so it’s not all on the heel. We love our ‘Glory’ silver platform shoes as worn by Freya, and also our ‘Freya’ white platform bridal shoes featuring an ivory mother of pearl heel. Divine.
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Block Bridal Shoes

Block bridal shoes are comfortable wedding shoes that will elevate your look and legs, without hurting your feet. Our signature pearl heel bridal shoes feature delicate hand-cut pieces of mother of pearl so you don’t have to compromise for comfort. A blend of shoes and jewellery, pearl heel block shoes like our ‘Bianca’ Champagne leather shoes with a signature pearl heel are perfect shoes for all day events.
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Shoe Gel Inserts For Extra Comfort

All of our Freya Rose shoes feature a memory foam sole for added support. Brides looking for added comfort might want to consider added gel inserts like 'Shoe String Gel Grip' gel inserts. Gel sole inserts will provide heel to toe comfort in one complete sole, absorbing and cushioning the shock to knees and leg joints. Invisible pressure relief all day long - practical and pretty.

Shoe Care

Your bridal shoes are one of the most special pairs of shoes you’ll wear in your life. We recommend protecting them with spray shoe protection, like our ‘Woly Shoe Protector Spray.’ The unique, highly effective formula repels snow, mud, moisture and rain. Shoe protector spray will ensure your shoes are prepared for any damage they come across on your wedding day, so they stay pristine all day.
After your wedding, use a soft brush such as our 'Woly Crepe Brush Combined' to wipe off any dirt without damaging shoes. Ensure you can treasure your suede shoes forever by using a suede brush - never use water or harsh cleaning products to clean suede - you'll ruin the fine nap of the suede!

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